Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Labour leadership

I have just tried to post here a missive from Diane Abbott, received by party members this morning and which has also pinged into my inbox, though I am of course no longer a Labour Party member.  Technology has temporarily prevented me from reproducing it, so before tackling that I had a quick browse of my blogroll, with a view to tidying it up a bit and getting rid of some links that I never look at these days or which no longer seem relevant. One of these was the site of the barely literate Geordie loser and wife-dumper John Howarth, which I have not looked at for months.  I did look, and he has posted recently on the Labour leadership contest, here, except that the picture of the line-up is missing one of the candidates.  You guessed it, Mr Misogyny has come to tea and is kicking his shoes off and making himself at home.  No Diane.  No change there.  And a comparison of this particular contest with Big Brother is facile at best and in my view puerile.  No change there.  Anyway, if you have a little look round his site you will find some musings on what blogging is.  Apparently blogs are "worthless" because they are not "journalism" (what, like the Reading Evening Post?) and do not deal in "facts".  Ah, well spotted.  If anyone compared my blog to the Reading Evening Post I would be mortally offended, the only similarity between us being that we do not deal in facts.  Only one of us deals in lies and smear.  My blog contains my views on stuff, links to stuff I find interesting for various reasons, and sometimes little stories I want to tell.  Er, that's it.  Shakespeare (whose oeuvre bears no similarity whatever to this blog) did not deal in facts either.  In fact he was a kind of classy spin doctor for much of his career.  Worthless, hein?

So it's goodbye to John.  Labour unelectable in Reading for a generation, Reading's transport system well and truly f***ed up, a fine legacy.  Bye.

Oh and John - the next leader of the Labour Party may well be called Miliband.  He will not be called Milliband.  Personally the one I like best is Steve - remember "Black Panties and an Angel's Face"?


Anonymous said...

Personally, I prefer Harpo Miliband.

Anonymous said...

Is that a version of 'Fur Coat and No Knicks'?

jane said...

No. They call him the space cowboy, they call him the gangster of love - and he is on tour this year!

Anonymous said...

"So it's goodbye to John. Labour unelectable in Reading for a generation, Reading's transport system well and truly f***ed up, a fine legacy. Bye."

Substitute Britain for Reading and you'd be describing the other John, My Lord Prezza of TwoShags-upon-Hull, to a tee.

Anonymous said...

Two Shags at Tea?

Don't you mean William Hague?