Friday, 3 September 2010

a client state

Reading borough has this status vis-a-vis Wokingham, according to the latter.  The Reading Labour boys and Zim One thought this was just fine and stumped up their annual tribute in the form of the town's sons and daughters, rather like, for those who know their Greek mythology (I got mine from the books of  Mary Renault, such as The King Must Die: A Novel) the tribute paid by the Greeks to Crete, namely young boys and girls sent to fight the bulls there for the amusement of the mighty.  The council today, under different control, is likely to take a different view - hein?


Augustus Carp said...

A wonderful analogy, and one which I will use in future, and even attribute to you (probably).

Anonymous said...

When I click "the latter" link I get an invite to use Google Docs!