Thursday, 23 September 2010

fisking Basher

at least I thought I was going to, but now I think I will just reproduce this, from a letter he says he has sent out to residents in Posh Park, where he lives, and ask readers to spot the deliberate mistake(s):

Presentation to Wokingham Borough Council of the Petition.

Wokingham does not have a Council meeting in October, so the Petition, which now contains over 530 signatures in the paper and online form, will be presented to the Council. If you are available please meet at Wokingham Borough Offices, Shute End, at about 7.10pm for a photograph. The petition will be handed over at 7.30pm.

Consultation Drop In Meeting: Park Church Hall Friday 24th September

btw the letter is titled "Dates for Your Diary"

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