Friday, 24 September 2010

the number of spoiled ballots is as follows...

my little poll has now closed, and I suspect it does not reflect the real result, which we shall know tomorrow.  It has Mili-D the winner, followed closely but not that closely by his bruv Mili-E (one correspondent calls them the Corsican Twins), then a long way behind by Diane Abbott, then Andy Burnham got one late vote, and, apparently only moments before close of poll, so did Mr Cooper-Balls.  So there you have it.


Anonymous said...

I am going to predict that the winner will be Ed Milband.

I did not vote for him.

I also predict that the winner in the London mayoral candidacy contest will be Ken Livingstone.

I will now, probably, spend the entire weekend divesting myself of egg.

jane said...

me too. and I don't have a vote. you are half right so far.

Anonymous said...


One Labour London candidacy - sold to the man with the whippet and the newts!

Half of my prediction has come true.

Anonymous said...

Well - now I have won both parts of my prediction and am not wearing egg at all - and I bloody well wish I was.