Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Basher needs to use his brain

rather than his fists.  This is his latest gem.  He refers in the same paragraph to "Park South" and "South Park".  Which do you mean Basher?  Oh and there is no such place anyway.  Dur.  Who killed Kenny?


Anonymous said...

His map is totally confusing.
Can anyone explain it?

Anonymous said...

He often refers to Wycliffe Baptist Church. I pass through Cemetery Junction on the bus every day and am fascinated by the fact while that church, like other Baptists, has no involvement with the Inter-faith group or with the Council of Christians and Jews, because Baptists want to convert everyone to Christianity, it has a strong relationship (joint meetings and picnics) with the Islamic bookshop (selling "Palestine is Mine" T-shirts) across the road (past the Gay club). Do they try to convert each other?

Jonny said...

Everyone knows it's either Newtown or Posh Park (although it's 6 years since I lived there)