Monday, 13 September 2010

the liberty

of Earley is the ancient name for that area of east Reading, some of which is in the borough of Reading and some in the borough of Wokingham.  It is NOT called "Erleigh", as Basher  would have us believe.  If you want to campaign on something Basher then do try to get its name right.  For credibility reasons.  I notice that the little poll on his site is not getting a huge turnout either.  Probably because it is asking the wrong question.  Namely "Should Wokingham be allowed to change catchment areas?"  Of course it should.  It is a democratically elected body.  If you want it to make a particular decision then campaign for that.  Silly boy.  Anyway, when I looked this morning there were only seven votes on each side (neck and neck, everything to play for!), and three of the "yes" votes came from me - on my home PC, my iPad and my BlackBerry.  Poor.

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