Monday, 27 September 2010

he wants a job!

I am much indebted to a correspondent for pointing me in this direction.  If I am looking for a job, or applying for one, I send my CV of course, as everyone must,  but having it linked to by some bloke (Basher of course) who is also unemployed and with a record of violent behaviour seems an odd way of getting it out there.  Have a look - Mr Salter describes  himself as good at "crisis management".  Crisis?  What crisis?  Oh and one of Mr S's referees is John Denham MP - I hope he is happy to have his name bandied about like this.  Dear oh dear, well I declare.  Readers' views most welcome.  I always think CVs make fascinating reading, but I wouldn't publish mine on line, it might end up on a blog not necessarily designed to be helpful to me.


Anonymous said...

Funniest part of that:

"Became Chair of the Leisure Committee in 1986 and Deputy Leader from 1987.
Overhauled leisure, recreation and community services and brought major music
festivals to Reading."

Reading Festival History
"It took the near destruction of the festival in 1988, a poor line up, poor weather and poorly attended, to see the Mean Fiddler organisation take the reins and steer the festival to the pinnacle of outdoor music that it is today, with its mix of indie/rock/punk/dance and every genre in between."

Anonymous said...

Given that he cites experience in "proofing", it's a shame that he didn't apply this skill to his CV. Random full stops and capitalisation don't advertise his competence in this area.

Anonymous said...

Any news about his future political direction?
Is he hoping for a return to Westminster - via his preferred berth of Reading East?!!

Anonymous said...

Funnies bit; 'Educated at local infant, junior and grammar schools and at the University of

He might have got through his local school but failed Uni. And who mentions there infant school on a CV?

Anonymous said...

Probably, last Anonymous, people who confuse 'their' and 'there'.