Tuesday, 7 September 2010


did not see this one coming.  Good for her.  The Boys have nothing to say about Reading Pride, or Diane Abbott's visit to it, or her becoming a patron of it, so clearly she went there without their endorsement.  Does not seem anyway that the Reading boys had a presence there.  They endorsed Ed Miliband I believe. Perhaps because, like Mr Salter, he faced both ways on the Iraq war. I went to the first Reading Pride, towards the end of my time in Reading, and the Boys were not there then, though the Conservatives were. I had a terrific time.  I'm glad the event is so successful and glad Diane Abbott is its first-ever patron - would be intrigued to know who she knows there.  May it continue to flourish.


Anonymous said...

Reading West and Reading East nominated Ed Miliband.

Speaking with one voice and the absence of one brain.

Anonymous said...

Oh please God let it be the eye roller. Or Blinky.

Anonymous said...

Reading Labour Party was there. see http://cllrjohnennis.blogspot.com/2010/09/day-five-weekend-is-no-easier.html