Tuesday, 14 September 2010

sigh - just when you thought it was...

I blogged recently that Mr Salter had woken up and said something in Australia about fishing.  Or about fishing in Australia. For some reason (couldn't be that the only publicity for his latest venture had come from yours truly, and we couldn't have THAT) this stuff has now been put on his website, which still has pictures of Reading East and the legend "Working for Reading West".  Have a website by all means.  Blog, certainly, but, months after leaving Parliament still calling yourself the MP, even with dates attached?  Very poor.  Now please do something useful or go away, and take that site down and put up a proper one.
update: as the commenter says, the Reading Chronicle has published something about this.  I do not imagine they were following the New South Wales inquiry, nor that they read the Sydney Morning Herald.  The obvious conclusion is that Mr S sent them a press release on his remarks - and the picture looks as though it was taken somewhere which is not Reading too.  So - if he is fed up with being unemployed then I can understand why he might want publicity for his activities while he looks for work.  What makes no sense is why he would want publicity in Reading.  Unless of course the informant who told me that he is going back to Reading to stand for the council, and ultimately for Parliament again, is actually correct and not talking rubbish as I assumed at the time.   


Anonymous said...

The Chronicle had something on it last week

Anonymous said...

I expect that they are correct. But maybe he will stand for Reading East this time?

No matter.

The constituencies are all going to be changed - boundary-wise and the seat(s) might not even be called 'Reading East' and 'Reading West'.

Both Miliband brothers have said that if they win ( and I feel that we can safely say that one of them will), that they are going to open the lists and have parliamentary selections immediately.

If so, this is ludicrous.

All it means is that the same old failed same olds who lost in 2005 will be re-selected to fail again because they will still have strangleholds on their CLPs. The CLPs need some 'time and space', as Diana said, to wean themselves off previous candidates and see that, selection-wise - 'there is a world elsewhere'.

So we are well on the way to the sasme old errors again, same old defeats, just same old.

Oh why do we bother, really?

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. Hopefully he won't be back to his old stomping grounds in Park Ward. I wouldn't much fancy answering the door to him canvassing on a cold dark rainy night early next year.


Anonymous said...


To quote 'Macbeth' ( and why the hell not?)

'Something Wicked This Way Comes'.

And so say all of us.

Anonymous said...

I've been told he's sold his house in Gratwicke Road, Reading. That still leaves the house he owns, I think, near RBH/University

Anonymous said...

So maybe Redlands then...

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane,

Adam at the Chronicle here!

For what it's worth, Mr Salter hadn't actually sent a press release, though I can't claim any great journalistic inquiry either.

It was a simple 'google alert' I still have set up from his time as MP, which flashed up for the first time in a few months at the weekend with the story on the Australian Fishing World website.

I saw your story on it a couple of days later, then that he had put something on his website.

kind regards,
Adam Hewitt