Wednesday, 1 July 2009

bus workers unite

Mansoor Osanloo, the Tehran bus workers' union leader, is in prison and may well lose his sight there because of health problems he has developed. His crime appears to have been to have organised for better conditions for bus workers in the Iranian capital and suburbs. Meanwhile, London buses are still carrying advertising for Press TV, a holocaust-denying apologist for the Ahmedinejad regime, and the only voice expressing concern about that is that of Tory London mayor Boris Johnson. Comes to something when it takes a Tory to worry about the workers. Though I don't suppose he is really. But the Unite union should be saying or doing something, shouldn't they? Hello? Hello? (sound of tumbleweed blowing down deserted street).

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Anonymous said...

It's a bit troublesome for the left when the persecutor is one of their own beloved 'victim' states.
More tumbleweed........