Monday, 20 July 2009

now it's gone viral

the hilarious Nasty Naz interview with Andrew Peach of Radio Berkshire that is, which is just everywhere, we are still waiting (1) for His Master's Voice to report it (2) for Mr Salter to put out a statement in support of Nasty and his great future in Reading West. The two of them were last seen supporting "diversity" together at Battle Primary School, and they might well wish to bury bad news, in a week when Reading West was revealed as the home to a neo-Nazi extremist bomb-maker for 20 years. So, Martin? Martin? (sound of tumbleweed)


Anonymous said...

Lordy lordy, and that sad sack was considered Labour's most electable candidate ?

Conservative gain Reading West.

Athenais said...

Oh first Anonymous - perLEASE!!!!!!
Electability and, indeed, the slightest smidgeon of competence has never been even an outside criterion for selection as a Labour candidate or promotion to the giddy ranks of Minister.

However, venality,pliability, plasticity and the ability to perform cartwheels in the sack with influential grandees of either gender is a prerequesite.
Complying with none of the above? - apply to Marks and Spencer's instead.