Saturday, 11 July 2009

Henley Regatta

thanks to Augustus Carp for reminding me of these words by the immortal Attila the Stockbroker:

Russians at the Henley Regatta

The Duchess went pallid; the Duke stood and stared

The Colonel was livid – he spluttered and glared

And the Tory Peers said, “It’s a serious matter”

When the Russians invaded the Henley Regatta…

They charged in on DMs with football scarves high

Red soccer hooligans – “Surrender or die!”

The Dynamo Kiev Boys, pissed out of their heads –

They kicked in the gates singing “We are the Reds!”

They danced in the fountains and pissed in the water

(which grossly offended the Archbishop’s daughter)

They nicked all the strawberries and drank the champagne –

then they took off their clothes and streaked round in the rain!

They started a ruck in the private enclosure

And Alexei got nicked for indecent exposure –

took over the Tannoy and put on the Clash

then they danced on the seats ‘til they broke with a crash….

Then the Redskins turned up and they started to play

And it started a party which lasted all day

And it didn’t take long for the fat cats to scatter

When the Russians invaded the Henley Regatta!

Then they jumped in the water and nicked a few yachts

And they charged off to London at thirty five knots

And for weeks all the hip clubs were filled with the chatter

Of the day that the REDS





How many popular m usic ditties can you think of that include the word "regatta"? To get you started "Well Respected Man" by the Kinks, which uses the following top rhyme:

"..he goes to the regatta,

Adores the girl next door

Cos he's dying to get at her"

Excellent, hein?

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Anonymous said...

Ask any average person in any average high street what they think of the Henley Regatta so far, you'd get a blank look.
Yet every year Meridian TV devotes 85% of it's evening news programme to it!