Saturday, 11 July 2009

inappropriate behaviour

is starting to be reported now:

[Jacqui] Smith is now sitting in the corridor outside her office having her photograph taken. A number of MPs pass by, and chat affectionately. Labour's Martin Salter bawls out, "This is a corridor! You've turned it into a film set! If I was going to make a porn movie I wouldn't do it here." Does she get many comments like that? "I do from him. He's a mate."

from the Filth today.


RLP member said...

This is the limit.
I think that his constituents now have a right to know if he chose to stand down or was pushed because he is out of control.
If he doesn't realise that an ex Home Secretary under seige doesn't need yelling at by a lager lout in front of the press - then what to say?

dreamingspire said...

All of a sudden, Jacqui gets media exposure. Including telling us one of the numerous reasons why she resigned was those adult films. (Did I hear that on the Beeb or was it Sky? Can't remember.)

Anonymous said...

and yet the context of the tale passes you by and you end up looking stupid. Sigh

Read it again, hein?

(sound of flapping white coats...)

St Martin S, Reading said...

Jacs actually appreciates my wit.

Anonymous said...

God knows why this woman was Home Secretary.
She can't control her husband and can't even stand up to Salter.
Apparently she used to be a teacher.
Did she switch careers because she could't control her classes?

Anonymous said...

Wacky should choose her friends more carefully.

But not to worry, we'll soon be pulling the 88 pence bath plug on them both.

Anonymous said...

Where would Mr Salter make a porn movie.?No prizes but any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Various public conveniences in and around the surrounds of Reading?