Friday, 17 July 2009

this is pretty good stuff

I know that most people interested in the politics of Reading have seen this clip already, but I watched it today and I must say I was impressed. Nasty Naz, hey! Way to go, boy! Andrew Peach couldn't stop laughing. By the way, the IDR, if you call it an issue, is one for Reading East much more than for Reading West, hein? And Nasty Naz reveals to us that Martin Salter is standing down for "personal reasons" - not something Mr S has told us himself. Whatever can he mean?

What fun this is.

sorry, you'll just have to paste the link, best I could do - but you've probably seen it already.

although look here and you will see

what Oliver Kamm, who is among the many who has posted that clip on his blog, has to say about Nasty Naz's performance. He indicates that the direness of Nasty's performance has to do with "Labour's malaise" - about which he is entirely wrong. Nasty's performance is dire because Nasty is, er, crap. There is no malaise indicated by this selection. Nasty was selected precisely because he is, er, crap. He is there to make Martin Salter look good and to ensure that the seat goes Tory. That is what the Reading Labour boys want. Just as they did in Reading East.

Looks like it's going to work boys. Congratulations.


howard thomas said...

Is this the best candidate that Labour could get for Reading West?
Obviously he is a man that is incapable of telling the truth-----how the hell can he pretend that he is 'local'----after all without the modern technology like a reliable sat nav he would never have found his way to Reading!What he knows about roads would never have got him here.
I can't recall another time when someone in a position like his has come accross so badly in an interview.
You can sign the letters that someone writes for you to go in the press Naz, but where are you going to find a walking,talking body double to do the live interviews?

Jonny said...

Didn't Peachy get it wrong? I always thought it was the Inner Distribution ROUTE, not Road.
I found the best way to be interviewed by the organ-playing polymath was over the phone, lying in bed with a cat nearby. That way I could always stroke the cat to make it purr, thus distracting the sweetly voiced assassin.

jane said...

you're right O Pedant of Plymouth

Alison said...

This describes the IDR as a Road not a Route. But I can remember it being the Inner Distribution Route so when did that change?

Anonymous said...

He is standing down because of related problems to do with alcoholism, we assume - as verified by commentators on this blogspot.

howard thomas said...

Road or route------who cares-----if he had known the words inner and distibution it would not have mattered!!!!!!!!!