Thursday, 9 July 2009

still dunvotin

yet again no vote yesterday. Gone fishin'?


St Martin S, Reading said...

Was busy doing constituency stuff.

Anonymous said...

He is far too busy to vote with all of his media engagements. I thought he was very good on the world at one this afternoon tearing into Coulson and Cameron. Oh and another brilliant expose by the marvellous Guardian.

Anonymous said...

Actually, The Daily Telegraph had a sly pop at him today, calling him in the Diary/Sketch column a 'well known upholder of morality' or something like that!!

The tongue was so far in the cheek it came out the other side, and the whole piece had the resonance of Letts' 'beery' comment.
Clearly, there is a story we are not being openly told in relation to liaisons and alcohol and clearly, both are related to his 'decision' to stand down - after being pushed headlong off the cliff, of course.