Thursday, 16 July 2009

that man with asperger's

a correspondent writes:
Headline : Cowards who let Gary Down.
Sub-head: Turncoats.
Salter's name under the turncoat list. Mugshot of Salter.
Text: Eighty two Labour MPs signed three Parliamentary motions dating back to 2005, opposing the Extradtion ACt and sending Gary Mckinnon to the US for trial. but only eight of them had the integrity to back the Tory Opposition day call for an 'immediate review' of the one-sided treaty. Of the other 74 Labour backbenchers, 59 displayed rank hypocrisy by supporting the Government (including Salter). Another 15 abstained.

Editorial: Roll of Dishonour.
Today The Mail names and shames the 74 labour mPs who stood up for Asperger's sufferer, Gary McKinnon - only to abandon him to his fate after one crack of the Government's Whip.
how smugly they paraded their love of British justice when they signed Commons motions backing Gary or demanding a review of our extradition agreements , under which the computer hacker faces up to 60 years in a US jail. but when it came to a proper vote, how quickly they ditched their principles and put their own perks and careers first. And these creeps wonder why we hold our politicians in such contempt?


Anonymous said...

Dispecable just as GB and his wife parading photos of their interest in the cause of Autism ( Asperger's being a form of Autism) in several professional magazines. It is at best criminal! As for Salter, obviously remaining loyal to the end. Martin your day will come but shamefully to the sacrifice of many lives in the meantime..

Anonymous said...

Has Martin Salter ever used this poor man in a press release or a local leaflet?

howard thomas said...

Politicians without the bollocks!
How can you support by signing up , and then go on to vote the other way?

Anonymous said...

I want to know if Martin Salter has ever sought publicity about this case?
How can someone find out?