Wednesday, 22 July 2009

a non-discursive counter-argument

is what I would call Buzz Aldrin's response to the bloke who wanted him to apologise, because said bloke, and lots of others, think the moon landings never happened. Basically Buzz landed a punch on him. Good for Buzz. I tried to embed the clip but it didn't work chiz.


David Akroyd said...

"Non-discursive counter-argument", that's a nice phrase.

Didn't your husband, when he was on Reading Borough Council, once administer a non-discursive counter-argument to Mr Salter's then agent, Richard Brown.

Apparently this took place during a policy meeting with John Prescott, Mr Brown subsequently resigning (both from the Labour Party and as Martin's agent) in disgust.

One small step for political gossip, to paraphrase a relevant quote.

Bet you are surprised I knew about that.

jane said...

No, David, he didn't. I was there. Mr Brown started ranting abusively at Andrew Tattersall, disrupting the meeting. Rhodri Hughes tried to encourage him to talk to Andrew outside if he had things to say, but he refused. No blowes were exchanged. Mr Brown did I believe subsequently resign from the party (he wasn't missed). It is news to me that he was ever Martin Salter's agent, but perhaps he was.

dreamingspire said...

Lord Adonis, Crossrail and Reading at Times Online today:

"These electrifications also serve the cause of joined-up transport planning, in contrast to the short-termism of the past. The Great Western electrification will be integrated with both the £425 million upgrade of Reading station and the £16 billion Crossrail project that, from 2017, will take commuter trains from Essex through a new Central London tunnel to Slough, Heathrow and Maidenhead, west of London. It would now be possible to extend Crossrail to Reading, which I will discuss with the Mayor of London. Electrification will also improve rail access to Heathrow from the west."