Friday, 3 July 2009

copy it out why don't you

His Master's Voice that is, with its report of the annual meeting of Reading and District Labour Party, detailing the officers elected (Trish Thomas re-elected chair, a fine person in my view) - but why? and as for copying the press release to the extent of saying that Nasty Naz Sarkar would do his best to "hold Martin Salter's seat" - are they inviting mockery? or are they just idiots?

do they report the annual meetings of the other parties in Reading? at all? (sound of tumbleweed)


Anonymous said...

Was a strong indication given to the Reading Party to appoint a non-drinking candidate as Salter's successor?
If the candidate Naz is a Muslim he could have been chosen for reasons other than cultural sensitivity.

jane said...

welll, there may be people out there who know the answer to that question. I think Nasty Naz, from what I am told by people who know him, is a non-religious person, whatever his upbringing, and he may well drink alcohol for all I know. I have no idea.

Anonymous said...

He certainly has a great sense of humour if he seriously thinks he can hold Reading West!