Saturday, 4 July 2009

Bagnall fireless locomotive

often called the Biscuit Train, was my little campaign from 2003, and much derision it brought me. I'm not sorry though. Ever wondered where it had got to? Wonder no more.

That's right. Some bloke bought it for his dad's birthday.

Beats socks or an Aramis gift set.


Was said...

Ah, the genesis for JaneSpotting.

Will we get an update on your anti-cycle helmet campaign, or your rant against Fathers For Justice?

jane said...

sorry Was, I don't go in for "campaigning" these days. But since you ask I still think the wearing of cycle helmets does nothing for safer cycling and probably makes it more dangerous,and that Fathers for Justice are a bunch of semi-criminal embittered nut-jobs. Next!

Anonymous said...

Very strange, or is it just envy from the so-called pavement politicians in the Lib Dems, jealous that someone outflanked them on issues people in Reading cared about. WAS like others is unhappy about the sameness of politicains yet get someone who does something different and they don't like it. Interesting that at the same time it started WAS became single in the property, displacement activity perhaps?

Anonymous said...

You don't have to worry about WAS' silly antics about this. It was an inspired campaign taping into the Huntly & Palmers legacy without praising or denigrtating them. A real dog whistle to older Reading residents, which newer ones like WAS don't and won't understand, which is why they will never be the real deal in Reading's politics.

Was said...

What an odd post! It's too early to be drunk, isn't it?

JanesSpotting's existence wasn't known beyond about half a dozen people in on a private joke. It was a collection of links to Jane's appearances in the media and before getReading and blogs they were far and few between. There was no political commentary. I stopped it the day Jane retired from Parliament.

One person claimed to have read it in a post here, but it was clear from his comments about it that he hadn't.

I have to say though that no-one has stopped me on the pavement and begged me to rescue the Biscuit Train.

jane said...

which post are you talking about Was? 1145 on Monday?

Was said...

Ah, Touché Jane!