Thursday, 9 July 2009

ASBO anyone?

Six arrested at Twyford rail stationJuly 08, 2009
Six people were arrested at Twyford Station after trouble broke out among the crowds returning from Henley Regatta.
British Transport Police were called just after midnight on Sunday to a “serious disturbance”, according to spokesman Steve Wrelton.
More than 200 people were at the station, many returning from the regatta. The six – two men, three women and a 17-year-old girl, all from Reading – were arrested on suspicion of causing an affray and bailed pending further investigation.

Had drink been taken? surely not! youthful high spirits no doubt, let them have their fun. As I'm sure those living near Twyford station agree.

Incidentally did you know that when Oscar Wilde was released from Reading Gaol he was taken not to Reading station (because of the presence there of the paparazzi of those times) but to Twyford station? There should be a plaque.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember the ranting poet Attilla the Stockbroker's magnificent work entitled "The Russians Have Taken The Henley Regatta"? I will dig it out and post some lines here if anyone is interested.

jane said...

do, please do! I went to see Attila once at the old Purple Turtle in Reading, 1994 I think it was, and his roadie was David Booth, former Labour councillor for Battle ward in Reading West.