Saturday, 21 May 2011

well here goes...

The Times (£) informs us today that some bloke called Mulcaire on the News of the World, which it helpfully points out to us has the same parent company as itself, was instructed by a Very Senior NOTW executive to hack Jude Law's phone. That executive must surely have been the flame-haired temptress (takes one to know one, Becks) Rebekah Wade - hein?

Have also said this on Twitter btw. Someone tweeted today that suing Twitter for saying Ryan Giggs shagged whoever it was is a bit like suing the Royal Mail for something someone wrote on a postcard.

Sue me.


Anonymous said...

Well done that Jane.

A quick trawl through the papers today has shown that there is ZILCH on this, the most potentially explosive of all the 'revelations',

However, that good guy ( well, I liked him anyway - but then I liked Quentin Letts too), Peter Oborne had the audacity to mention on Radio 4 yesterday - that there was a conspiracy of silence about mentioning the name of this person. I thought Jonathan Dimbleby was about to order Oborne to Siberia! No doubt he was worried that allowing further discussion on the topic would prompt the said Becks to publish the full canon of his extra marital rompettes -- before she adapts to a diet of piss and porridge in Hollway, that is.

Actually - you mention 'flame haired'. She won't be able to dye her hair in the clink so will come out grey and white rooty. I'd suggest that she takes advantage of some of the excellent prison educational schemes - and gets a degree for starters -- as all she seems to have in the educational department is a secreterial qualification.... Silly old Slapper.

Anonymous said...

Wow - utter silence on this matter I see. Clearly everyone is AFRAID of mentioning the Goddess Brooks/Wade for fear of her pulling their private lives down round their ears.

Talk about corrupt politicians and 'cleaning up politics'! Its about time someone cleaned the honourable world of journalism from the likes of Wade. But she nevr was a journalist, was she? Has anyone read a single thing with her by-line?

Anonymous said...

Apparently her only journalistic coup was to bring a crate of French beer into the Today office because she had read somewhere that it was liquid viagra. She persuaded the paper to do a readers' offer on it.
And from that she ascended to the Deputy Editorship of the Screws.

The bottom line, so to speak......

Anonymous said...

Ryan Giggs named in commoms and now on sky news.

Anonymous said...

Yup. Following the naming of him by Lib Dem MP, John Hemming in the House.

Hemming is attempting to get a name for himself as a defender of press freedom.

And I wonder WHY?

Could it be because he has been exposed already in a previous sting as having not only a wife - who is facing prison for abducting his mistress's cat - but also a string of mistresses and at least one illegitmate baby with a mistress. Until exposed - he had stayed stum about these interesting facts.
Of course the stupid and gullible oaf is attempting to buy off the press by pandering to them. What an eejit. If you think they will now lay off you, Johnnie boy - then wake up and smell the meths !!