Monday, 16 May 2011


watching, on a loop on every French channel it seems, the clip of DSK being led handcuffed to a car, looking five years older and a stone lighter, as people tend to do in these situations, reminded me of a conversation I had yesterday with a group of friends, from several countries and various backgrounds.  Three of us (me, an American who had previously worked in politics, and a Swiss academic) were firmly of the opinion that there had been a set-up, no matter what actually happened in that hotel room. For political reasons.  A fourth, (Canadian, a man of the cloth) was surprised we thought so, and thought everyone should refrain from comment until more was known.  Two others (British, Guardianista political views) accepted the media reports uncritically and viewed him as guilty.  Hmmm.


Anonymous said...

As someone who has had experience of set ups - I can feel 100% confident that DSK has been set up.

He will no doubt be cleared of criminal charges. In time and when it is too late.

No matter - his political options are now zero. Mission achieved for his pigmy opponents -- in the Socialist Patry - for it is they.

Sauti Ndogo said...

I'm not a Guardianista. I don't know if he's guilty. I do know that it must be bloody hard to fix a set-up like this. Find a woman willing to undergo the humiliation of the police investigation, ensure that she's the chambermaid assigned to his room, make sure she's cauight on the corridor CCTV going into and coming out of the room at exactly the right times (he's claiming an alibi for the time in question), fix some forensic evidence (there's talk of DNA).

There's just so much that can wrong with such a conspiracy. Which doesn't mean he's guilty.

I like the sound of your Canadian friend.

Andraste said...

I think it's wierd. BTW, is it possible that he is Jewish?