Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Only in France could a creature like BHL (Bernard-Henri Levy) exist, pictured left.  He is a philosopher of some kind, very often pops up to share his words of wisdom with us on the media, is excruciatingly vain, is married to pop princess Ariane Dombasle, who is much younger than him, and is right most of the time.  Allegedly he had some words in Sarko's shell-like, and the latter promptly got stiffened sinews on Libya.  Anyway, he has defended DSK, saying rightly that he is innocent but is being treated as guilty.  One remark he makes in this context is this one, written yesterday:
J’en veux, ce matin, au juge américain qui, en le livrant à la foule des chasseurs d’images qui attendaient devant le commissariat de Harlem, a fait semblant de penser qu’il était un justiciable comme un autre.
This morning I hate the American judge who threw him to the hordes of image-hunters outside the Harlem courthouse, as if he was someone before the courts just like anyone else. (my translation)
That quote has aroused much ire in the comments and elsewhere, from people who say "Of course DSK is subject to the same justice as anyone else".  Of course, indeed, he is.  But this is not the point of what BHL is saying.  He does not say that it is the justice which should vary - calling DSK "un justiciable" is the opposite of that.  He says that DSK is not "comme un autre".  And he is not.  "Anyone else" would not have hordes of paparazzi outside the courthouse.  And the judge should have taken that into account.  In the interests of justice and due process.  That is what BHL means.  I notice that the "guilty" votes are beginning to surge on my little poll.  This may be because we have all seen DSK in the dock, unshaven, handcuffed, looking, in fact, like a guilty man.
This is shameful treatment ahead of due process.  And you, liberal chatterers, especially the French ones, have you thought that this, whatever happened in that hotel on Saturday and whatever the outcome of the process, has almost certainly given us another Sarko term as president of France.  To say nothing of a boost for Marine Le Pen.  Hein?

Happy now?

All Parti Socialiste branches are voting on Thursday on the party's report, essentially the backbone of its manifesto for next year's presidential election. Citizen's primaries will be held in October.

 Doesn't seem much point now.

There are some in France who see it more clearly though:


Anonymous said...

At this equivalent point in the proceedings, Christopher Jefferies was guilty too.

Jane Griffiths said...

quite so

Anonymous said...

DSK's best line of defence...

“Your Honour, my client is an elitist French Socialist Intellectual (un singe capitulard fromagiste) with an unfortunate attitude to women. Foe the last few years he has been in receipt of a large tax free salary and extensive expense payments in respect to luxurious international travel all met at the public expense. He has recently been instrumental in handing over large amounts of US taxpayers money to bail out small bankrupt profligate european nations. I submit to you that no forseeable US jury howsoever constituted could afford him a fair trial, not even if entirely empanneled from Democratic members of congress for the Bay area."

Anonymous said...

Yes. Agree with Anon 1. Also - I know about the press herding outside a court like that - -- rows deep. Its called in media terme a 'goat fuck'.

I know what DLH or whoever - means. He is right. My God - this is terrible. And I can't believe that the other women accusers - who just suddenly popped up - clockwork-like - were a coincidence. It seems orchestrated. If they were genuine then why didn't they come out fo the woodwork when the so-called offences were originally committed - some about 8 or 9 years ago? So who has been behind this? What political faction? I think I know and suspect not the Sarko set but DSK's own party. Twas ever thus. By the by -- what say you about Ali Desai? I knew him. He was an ok guy. He has been set up too. I am pleased he has been let out. I hope he is vindicated too. But it will not restore his career in the force. So mission accomplished. Talented individual not permanently - or even temporarily 'caged' -- but life and career ruined. There should be a law against this. There should be a slate wiping and a record- sweeping of all of the untrue muck and lies and filth. But there is not. Unless you are a special and protected one - by whoever is in the position to protect. Accused -- even found not guilty - STILL GUILTY AND STILL PAYING. Poor DSK. He will, no doubt be found innocent. But someone else will be the President -- and I believe DSK would have been FAB!!!!!

Jane Griffiths said...

François Hollande. former General Secretary of thé Parti Socialiste, stands to benefit. Nobody in France outside the political world knows who he is.

And yes, DSK's parents were Jewish immigrants to France. From I think Germany.

Jane Griffiths said...

took no view on Ali Desa'i, not knowing him, but interesting.

Anonymous said...

Read up about him Jane.

He was oen of the finest police officers I knew.

And proof positive of 'If you think people are out to get you they are.' He told me they were. He's got guts and will fight until the end. But he should and could have been Head of the Met. Not now.

Holland - yes - of course. Gotcha ! Peices of jigsaw fit now.