Wednesday, 18 May 2011

the identity of the accuser

the woman in the DSK case that is, is known, though she has not been publicly named.  French media are all over it.  Apparently she is legally in the US though not a citizen, and originates from Guinea.  She is thus francophone. There are various Guinea associations active in France, in the US and elsewhere, some of which are well connected politically in France.  Just saying...

In related news today, the New York Post has that the woman lives in a building in the Bronx which is exclusively for the use of people with HIV/AIDS.  She has a 15-year-old daughter.  So no breach of privacy, there, and the usual unrivalled commitment to protection of victims and alleged victims, hein?

In any event, the woman is at an undisclosed location to protect her from the media.  Forget al-Qaeda, huh?

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Anonymous said...

There is now a list as long as your arm of so-called 'abused' females , coming forward to allege that they have been subjected to goodenss knows what from Mr Khan.


How come they were not sufficiently outraged when the said offences occurred -- and have all simultaneoudly felt the 'outrage' urge just now when said DSK find himself in these difficulties. Stitch up - orchestrated -- by whom?

I maintain that ti is not Martine and not Sarko either -- probably not Marine Le Pen. It seems to me that options are narrowing down to that unlovely paier of ex lovers Sego and Hollande. If Sego is allwoed to run again - dusting off her 'Like a Virgin' whites -- then I think that France should bring back Marie Antoinette.