Monday, 30 May 2011

there's going to be outrage on the left

and what is below was published in the Guardian, so the Jew-hating welfare-dependent classes (tuition fees dontchakno) will all have seen it.  And they will be outraged, won't they?  Anyone?  Anyone?  (sound of tumbleweed)

Taliban gunmen have killed the headteacher of a girls’ school near the Afghan capital after he ignored warnings to stop teaching girls, government officials have said.

Khan Mohammad, the head of the Porak girls’ school in Logar province, was shot dead near his home on Tuesday, said Deen Mohammad Darwish, a spokesman for the Logar governor.
“He was killed because he wanted to run the school,” Darwish said.
Mateen Jafar, the education director in Logar, about an hour’s drive from the capital, Kabul, said Mohammad had received several death threats from the Taliban warning him not to teach girls.
Jafar said Mohammad’s son was wounded in the attack.
Education for women was banned by the Taliban government from 1996 to 2001 as un-Islamic. There are periodic attacks against schoolgirls, their teachers and school buildings.
Women have won back some rights, including education and the right to vote, since the Taliban were toppled after the US-led invasion of late 2001.
(Hat tip: Terry Glavin)

update: it happens in Tower Hamlets too


Isobel Ballsdon said...

How can the extremists' hatred be tackled? Their acts are terrifying and shocking to the core.

They have dehumanised themselves so it is all too easy for the rest to see them as insane monsters.

My only ideas are for people to speak with those imprisoned for brutally attacking Gary Smith, the Tower Hamlets RE teacher. Insight into their background and current mindset may help. Secondly the vast majority of Muslims are against the tiny proportion of extremists, so let this majority be seen to do more to overcome these extremists.

Anonymous said...

On the day before the election (when the Tories and LibDems were still in control) I received an e-mail from Reading Borough Council advertising a "Ladies Panel Q & A" organised by Reading Muslim Council with Yvonne Ridley and Lauren Booth in Woodley.

Both women are journalists with huge chips on the shoulders because of their past relationships, who have converted to Islam, and regularly spout political Islamic hate.