Monday, 23 May 2011

Mayor Khan

here is an extract from the Reading Greens' press release:


TITLE: Greens won't perpetuate Con-Dem coalition
Greens say that none of their discussions with the other main parties have led to totally satisfactory outcomes and that they will not be joining in any coalition.
A consequence of this decision is that they will not be offering their support to either side in the coming contest over the positions of mayor and council leader.
With the Greens withholding support from both sides, the arithmetic of the new council make-up opens the door to the formation of a minority Labour administration.
Greens say that the only alternative would have been to provide active support for Con-Dem nominees, and that an alliance with the architects of public service cuts was simply a step too far.

So that's that then.  A minority Labour administration for another year, following which they hope to take two or three seats from the LibDems and get a majority.  Thanks Greens, bring on the brown envelopes.  Next step an elected mayor, and we know who THAT'S going to be, don't we children?


Martin S MP, Reading said...

No. Who?

Anonymous said...

Vote Green get Labour.

Jane Griffiths said...

you modest old thing you, Mart! All that Australian sunshine is turning you soft! Incidentally planning a trip to Oz in November, can we look you up?

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.57. Vote Lib Dem get Conservative?

Anonymous said...

Turning soft? Male Menopause?
He was always the one for throwing the menopause at others - so to speak. You should have taken out a super injunction...........

James Patterson said...
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The other Warren said...

Was it Bevan who said don't said me into the negotiating naked?

The Greens did just that but they weren't sent in that way they did it voluntarily.

Green by name Green by nature.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane I think the word integrity shuld be removed from the top of Rob Whites blog because that is something he is definitely lacking.

Anonymous said...

The rather salacious tone of some of these posts is quite clearly because the writers have been unfortunately inflamed by the repeated posting of a male ndue on this site.

Please remove.

Anonymous said...

"Vote Green get Labour."

No, no, no. Vote green, get exactly what you deserve!

"Anon 11.57. Vote Lib Dem get Conservative?"

Vote Lib Deam, get Lib Dem policy as those Conservatives have/had none. Keep up dear.

Gul "Man-o-integrity" Khan, how very disappointing.

Anonymous said...

Anon 17.54. Integrity has no political boundaries. So does lack of!

Anonymous said...

I don't believe Rob White knows what fairness and integrity are!

I also doubt his understanding of the economic realities facing Reading as he appears to believe all cuts can be reversed and RBC will then have oodles to spend in Park ward.

Anonymous said...

Anon 00:56. Reserves dear.Or simply cut someone else budget a little bit more and divert to Park 'needs'. What are they like..."someone somewhere" described Reading political scene as a pantomine. Sounds about right.