Friday, 27 May 2011

got the bastard

just saying.  There are probably people over at Comment is Free saying Srebrenica never happened and it was all a story got up by Bush'n'Blair.  Due process now peeps, along with Ratko Mladic's bessie mate Radovan Karadzic.  Let Serbia be Serbia.  You and your cohort turned it evil for a while, but there's hardly anyone left who thinks you a hero, and Serbia, and Bosnia Srpska, deserve to have the chance to heal and to let go. The twentieth century started on a bridge in Sarajevo.  Let it be over, and soon. And Major and Hurd, in government at the time, how do you sleep at night?


Jonathan said...

The comments over there are more along the lines of:

It took so long to catch him because he slaughtered Muslims rather than important people

Osama Bin Laden should have been afforded the same right to a fair trail that he is

Bush and Blair should be in neighbouring cells facing trial for the war crimes they committed.

Anonymous said...

Just above this there is an advert for a computer game "Mafia II"

Max said...

Western governments, news media, and the U.N. War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague have assiduously misled the public about the nature of the massacre.
The International Commission for Missing Persons, also known as ICMP, is systematically deluding the public about the true reach of DNA technology in order to foster the illusion that its laboratories hold the key to the solution of the Srebrenica enigma. On the 16th anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre this year ICMP claimed that it has “closed 5,564 cases of Srebrenica victims” and that “only about 1,500 remain to be resolved.” However, that announcement is completely at odds with science. By calling persons that it has allegedly identified by using DNA techniques “Srebrenica victims” ICMP is taking a clear position that they were in fact executed prisoners (victims, rather than legitimate combat casualties) and also that their deaths are related to Srebrenica events of July of 1995. Both suggestions are false. DNA technology serves only to identify mortal remains or reassociate disarticulated parts of the same body, but it has absolutely nothing to say about the manner or time of death. ICMP has no means to differentiate “victims,” i.e. executed prisoners, from persons who perished in combat and whose death therefore is not a war crime.

Max said...

“Islam will win, since Bosnia is an Islamic country.” (Graffiti on the walls of a destroyed building in Kravica, where on January 7, 1993 — Orthodox Christmas — Muslims destroyed the town, killing 49 men, women, and children.).......Over 1,300 Serbs were killed{the brutal mass murder – using axes,knives,daggers,sledgehammers,iron bars,flamethrowers and explosives } during the three years of clashes in the territory of the municipalities of Srebrenica, Zvornik, Milici, Bratunac, Vlasenica and Osmaci. In the region of Birce and the Drina River's mid-course, a total of 3,267 Serbs were killed, a majority of whom were civilians, women and children.