Friday, 6 May 2011

my work is done

Bashmash has now been taken down.  Most of you thought his preferred hymn was "Fight The Good Fight".  I think he is an Old Testament kind of chap, all that smiting.  Anyway, the most embarrassing thing he has done is to shout "Wokingham scum" in a public place at the chair of the Reading East Conservatives, you think.  Well, the people of Park have spoken.  We do not yet know what they have said.  But a bottle of the sparkling stuff will be consumed this evening anyway, because there is something about a LibDem wipeout that just does the heart good.  Oh and as for Scotland, saw it off, tow it out into the North Sea and let them try and live on the dwindling remains of the oil without their massive subsidies from the English taxpayer .

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