Friday, 6 May 2011

Basher trashed, bye bye

sorry Cllr Hussain not re-elected, but here it is:




EASTWOOD, Melanie (Green)

VOTES: 1,585

HUSSAIN, Wazir (Conservative, incumbent)

VOTES: 732

MCKENZIE, Richard Mark (arsehole)

VOTES: 1,213

SWAGER, Hoyte Paul Arnoud (LibDem)

VOTES: 123







Jonathan said...

Lib Dems completely wiped out. Lost two to Labour and one to Tory. Tories lost one seat to Labour, one to Greens, and gained one from Lib Dems as mentioned above. Looking at the numbers, I guess we will now have a Labour / Green coalition.

Andraste said...

Nope, it looks like a Labour majority. One more glorious defeat for the Bashster!

Anonymous said...

Labour one short of outright control on Mayor's casting vote, leaving control on a knife-edge.

The Lib Dem results look pretty embarrassing for St Daisy and Kirsten Bayes in particular. They make Basher's result look respectable!

Was said...

Respecttable? Labour on a inflated national high and Basher still loses... that is clutching at straws. It's Henley all over again. Will they never learn?

Reading is a NOC council and I await eagerly Labour's calls to me to form a coalition ;0)

Today's Word Verification is: "terse"!

Anonymous said...

I realise that maths is not your strong point but I think you will find that it was Wazir who was thrashed despite the Tories throwing all their resources at the ward. bye bye

Andraste said...

Yep, I forgot about Mapledurham hich wasn't up this tear.

Jane Griffiths said...

the people of Park can feel a bit safer now that Basher is out of their faces, was all I meant

Anonymous said...

Anon 19.45. Heard otherwise from other sources. the word "stitch up" mentioned. Rescue op came in too late in highly marginal seat. High command aware of both issues.Draw conclusion.
Anon 20.23: if locally educated, you are not to be blamed for problem with word spelling/vocabulary bank. Although impressed with Name spelling: Mapledurham. You must be a visual learner. Often used as a cope out card by some when teaching not up to scratch.