Saturday, 7 May 2011

Reading elections 2011 speaking for themselves

listen to all those lovely people, and know that only one of them has said anything about forming an administration.  But also remember that Cumpsty is right when he says the Tories have shown they can work with partners from other parties.  Remember too that Rob White has shown this too over the past year.  The Greens have a history of selling themselves cheap - they should go into a rainbow coalition with the Tories and LibDems,  the price of which would be a Green in Cabinet - and then get Reading working again.  No more sweetheart deals, clean government, openness and transparency.  What do  you say?


Anonymous said...

What I say is that this working with other parties idea is a case of some people playing catch up.

A revolutionary template was laid out in the House of Commons called Parkers for those at the cutting edge in 2004.

And, in fact, it was so cutting edge that even NOW, I am sure that few would be either able to stomach it, or appreciate its visionary creed. WAY TO GO.

Anonymous said...

I can't make the video play. Is it on YouTube?

Jane Griffiths said...