Tuesday, 1 March 2011

and what if they hadn't?

Bush n'Blair that is, persuaded Libya to de-nuke (the Libyan leadership now thinks it was robbed, and it probably was, good).  The New York Times is interesting on this.  There are probably no weapons of mass destruction in Libya, and not much of any weapons at all, so although the fighting is going on, and Gaddafy's forces are trying to take back the towns which have fallen to the rebels, the two sides are effectively sharing the weapons the government had before.  It had better stop, and stop soon.  Both sides have gone too far to go back.  Hat-tip Marbury for the NYT. Marbury also rather wonderfully describes the Guardian's latest bout of Blair-hating as a "mix of personalised poison and adolescent self-loathing", vg.

Someone posted elsewhere that they needed an opinion about Libya.  Simples.  (Yes, I know most things are not).  Guns turned on own people - Bad Thing.  Anyone starts with that malarkey they must be Removed.  PDQ.

Any questions?

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Anonymous said...

I note that there are no comments. I don't think that people are inetrested in Tony Blair at all these days. Now whether they SHOULD be is another matter.