Tuesday, 29 March 2011

think she's really called Laura

not Laurie Penny as she styles herself.  I won't bore you with a link to her outpourings, suffice to say she may well be the most annoying creature in the anglophone cybersphere just at present.  While it is great fun being rude to her on Twitter, there may be a serious point here.  She affects to despise the trade unionists who marched in London last weekend. What does she have against trade unions?  What does she have against hummus? (She referred to those taking part in the trade union rally in Hyde Park as "hummus munchers").


Update:  Ms Red has just Tweeted that she is being subjected to "nasty sexual bullying".  Is that what this is?  You can dish it out, Pens, but you can't take it, can you?


Anonymous said...

What a stupid individual. Is she also against Greeks? They invented hummus, as I recall.

Also, I have to wonder what sort of hummus she is eating. I don't think that 'munch' is quite the right word to attach to it - with the semantic similarity to 'crunch'.
Perhaps she experienced a culinary disaster with hummus. YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSE TO BE CRUNCHING THE CHICK PEAS. It is supposed to be smooth. And why is she associating sexuality with hummus? Has she had some sort of unfortunate sexual experience involving this food?
I seem to remember a Mickey Rourke/Kim Bassinger film called Nine And a Half Weeks,released in the 1980s when both of them looked somewhat better than they do now ( happens to us all - its called life). In that film, intricate things were done of a sexual nature with ice cubes. But not hummus.Is this woman some sort of a sexual and foodist pervert?
If so, she is lowering teh tone - as well as other items, no doubt! And why should she attempt to involve trade unions in such a grotesque sexual orgy?
And why is she tweeting? Is she involving birds or any other sort of animal in what is clearly a foodist, bestial quasi political orgy.
She should be locked up. Padded cell?

Or is she just dear old Clare Ward, operating under an alias?

Jonny said...

I've seen Last Tango in Paris, but I still eat butter.

Jonny said...

Right. God help me I've done some research now. She was the Social Secretary for the Oxford University Light Entertainment Society in 2004 while at Wadham, and then advanced to "President/President of Vice" in 2005.
She calls people "cunts" in public: http://thethirdestate.net/2011/01/on-being-called-a-cunt-by-laurie-penny/

She doesn't pay the minimum wage: http://order-order.com/2011/01/18/sexist-penny-exploits-unemployed-offering-below-minimum-wage/

She annoys the mad right, too: http://www.devilskitchen.me.uk/2010/10/is-laurie-penny-stupidest-woman-on-face.html
(interestingly, there is a reference to her New Statesman" audience as "tofu-munching" here).

I seem to remember you criticising Basher for giving publicity to the EDL by alerting his blog readers to their presence in Reading recently. May I humbly suggest you show the same reticence toward this "professionally young" "voice of a generation" who seems to wish merely to epater les bourgeouis by saying words like "capitalism" out loud, as they were, no doubt, shocking to the parents of her chums at the independent Brighton College when she visited them "in the vac".

I'll try to get out more.

Anonymous said...

But do you eat hummus - and more importantly, WHERE DO YOU PUT IT????

Mr London Street said...

Yes - Penny Red is self-important and almost completely pointless.

Jane Griffiths said...

you're right peeps, she has had more than the publicity she deserves, bye Pens and thanks for all the chickpeas

Anonymous said...

Sounds a shoo-in for a future Labour Home Secretary.

Thick and a touch licentious.

Anonymous said...

Strange debate on Channel 4's "10 o'clock live" (a satirical news programme) on Thursday, repeated on Friday. 3 guests debating the cuts: Danny Finkelstein (pro-cuts) and Noreena Hertz (anti-cuts) had a very good and detailed debate, while the 3rd guest, Laurie Penny, spoke in slogans.

Anonymous said...

Why is this Ward Mark 2 being put on national televison? What is it representing? Who is it knocking off?