Wednesday, 2 March 2011

more from Moorlands

somebody calling herself (on Facebook) Angela May Was Weston sent me this message yesterday, when I asked her what the head teacher of Moorlands school in Reading had done wrong:

my god, you want me to comment after the jibes you have put on your blog about Heidi Craske, you must think this is one big game and are enjoying every bit of it, you are not interested in the facts however much you dress it up, you just want to get one over on Malcolm Powers and basically dont give a stuff who you tread on in the meantime. At the end of the day this was not racist at all, i don't know how many times it needs to be said, and it is about our childrens welfare and education, do you really have to be so nasty or is this falling on deaf ears
and my reply was this:
Ms Craske has made a fool of herself in her own words, no jibes from me, and yes, I certainly am enjoying myself, but I am also very interested in the facts, but if no-one involved in the press launch of the petition wants to mention any of the facts then they will remain unmentioned here and on my blog, and as for Malcolm Powers, "getting one over" on him would be like poking jelly with a stick, life is too short. "Not racist", jolly good, glad to hear it, do I have to be so nasty, not at all, I have not started yet, could be REALLY nasty if in the mood, but today is a nice sunny day so I don't think I'll bother. So what did this teacher, who has now been pushed out of her job because Mr Powers and his team were too spineless to take any action, do wrong exactly? *sound of tumbleweed*


Anonymous said...

These extreme and abusive comments directed at Jane - and, indeed, anyone who dares to question the justice or otherwise about what has happened to Mrs Singh tell their own story -- STITCH UP.

And sorry to be tedious, but the Labour Party is well versed in this - has done it before - will do it again - and deos not feel the need to justify or explain. This is why there is no detail about what Mrs Singh has 'done' and nor will there be.

Someone doesn't like her ( Mr Powers?) - someone is sticking the knife in and the perpetrators have worked out that she can only bleed so much - and then it will stop - she will be history and Stalinsim can reign untroubled.

Oh - and she will never get another job - ok?

Next question?

Anonymous said...

"she will be history". Maybe. Maybe not. Depends on the court case surely...

Anonymous said...

Malcolm Powers did not know a "vote of no confidence" was being saught by the parents, it was purely the parents doing it, it has nothing to do woth politics, just the parents pure and simple, why can't these people get it into their heads

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 19:37 "Malcolm Powers did not know a "vote of no confidence" was being saught by the parents, it was purely the parents doing it"

We have been told he was a parent governor so how was he so out of touch with the views of the parents? Citrine tells us "Running meetings is only part of his job....The chairman should be active between meetings also." So as a parent governor he should have been talking to the parents and knowing their points of view. As Chairman he should have been shaping the agenda, dealing with matters that arise and ensuring that any problems that can be dealt with are. Not wobbling the first time the parents say something to him and throwing the problem to the council.

Secondly, who did the parents want a vote of no confidence by? The governors? The council? I'm not aware of an opportunity for the parents to vote confidence in the Head. God help us if there is as that's a recipie for mob justice.

Augustus Carp said...

Well, well, well! Somebody quoting from "Citrine on Chairmanship"! A tome only ever used by the Labour Party, so I suspect that the Anonymous writer at 21:50 is a Party Hack. Not a criticism, just a bit of textual exegesis.

Having had something to do with School Governors over the years, may I propose an alternative reading of events? A problem arose, the Governors reported it to the Education Dept (aka "DECS") who did what they usually do when faced with a problem: panicked, fumbled the ball and threw the whole thing back to the Governors, who didn't know what to do without expert guidance. This looks like a cock-up to me, not a conspiracy - but I don't know any of the participants, so maybe I am being too generous.

Anonymous said...

Well - yeah. Mob justice. Typical Labour Party. And I am speaking from experience.

There is also 'What, me gov? No - wasn't there!' No Malc - maybe not - but you'd got the votes in the bag beforehand, yes?

Anonymous said...

It is quite simple. Heidi Craske and other Moorlands parents who support her are ignorant racist bastards. Get a life you stupid people.

Mary Simpleton-Shite said...

At last someone has had the courage to speak the truth about these awful people. At least Ms Singh doesn't have to deal with these awful people any more. I'm surprised you have let this nonsense taint your otherwise wonderful blog. These people are scum.