Saturday, 19 March 2011

no fly zone

Is happening, as the world's people knew long before I did, what is happening on the ground in Libya is another matter. I am in the rural northern Vosges this weekend where mobile signal is variable at best, but this is probably good for me once in a while. But let it be for the best, let Libya's people be free.

Update: breaking news on CNN: US Tomahawk missiles land near Misrata and Tripoli. Let it be over soon. It probably will not be. And unlike in Iraq there is no way of knowing how it will end, or how long it will take.

Jeremy Corbyn (hat-tip Norm) asked the tired old question, why Libya when there are so many other countries with human rights abuses. Answer from David Cameron: just because we can't do the right thing everywhere doesn't mean we shouldn't do it somewhere. Spot on, Dave. We are doing it there because we can. Because there is a UN resolution authorising it. As there was for Iraq actually. Oh yes.

Now, as I retire parched and exhausted from a session of English country dancing (don't ask) to do my nails, legs and a face pack (what luxury on a Saturday night) a peaceful night to those in a position to have one.


Anonymous said...

I am asking. English Country Dancing?!!

'Do Se Do' etc?!!!!!!

Jane Griffiths said...

No, that's American aware dancing, this was more Strip The Willow

Jane Griffiths said...

I meant square dancing, damn auto correct

Anonymous said...

Look. I want a full low down on this country dancing - hoe downs? Archers? Barn dances?

I know you have gone to France but you seem to be blossoming out in all different directions. I can just about stomach church - but country dancing is another matter.

Ever been a regular at the bingo?
Crochet? Flower arranging? Prayer groups?
Basket weaving?
Beetle drives?
Bridge? Gin rummy?
Sewing circle?

Anonymous said...