Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Bahrain - again

Saudi troops go into Bahrain.  Call this an invasion?  Not sure I would.  They were asked in by the ruling al-Khalifa family of despots.  But even if it was, a bit like the Russian invasion of Georgia two and a half years ago, no-one cares.  Bahrain is a shady kind of place (not that I have ever been there) where Saudi men go for R&R and working girls go to get their money.  If you are Shia in Bahrain you are not allowed to work in the civil service or join the army or the police. Why does no-one care?  The demonstrators will not back down, and are not being slaughtered as they are in Libya, but some are being killed.  Is this OK?  Anyone? *sound of tumbleweed*

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