Monday, 28 March 2011

turning left

is what has been happening in elections over the weekend.  The left in Alsace, in the "cantonales" (equivalent approximately to county council elections, and in which I do not have a vote chiz) got a toe-hold outside the city of Strasbourg for the first time, and held on to the four districts it had in the city, although in the one I live in, Strasbourg 2 Gare, it looks like a Green rather than a socialist.   Which I am not thrilled about.  The Front National, always strong in this part of France, perhaps because this region has spent a lot of its history being German but never had the de-Nazification they got across the Rhine, stayed strong but did not advance much, both it and the left gaining from Sarko's UMP, whose condition is now tragic and may be terminal.  Across the  Rhine in Baden-Wurttemberg Angie got a severe kicking, and the Land looks Green, the first time in 58 years it has not been CDU.  Angie has lost her mojo, the commentators say, and I suspect they are right.  And watching the coverage of the demo in London on Saturday, I am toe-curlingly embarrassed for Silly Milly E.  What on earth was he doing there?  TB would never have gone near it.  But then he was Prime Minister.  Remember, Ed?  There used to be a Labour government.  Oh but you don't like those, do you?  Enjoy opposition.  Enjoy the Guardian editorials.  Bye boys.  What a waste.


Anonymous said...

Silly Milly ahs not only 'failed to learn' - he has offered up another hostage to fortune by pledging to speak and march at the Durham Miners' Rally!!

I am not attacking the miners. Far from it.

But as Tony Blair - and, amazingly, Gordn Brown - knew - all too well - any presence of a Labour Leader at such an event would be the equivalent of lighting a blue touchpaper.Or begging , 'Can I have some nasty media coverage --PLEASE?!!'
No, no - before anyone writes in and accuses me of knocking mining culture or even trashing brass bands, let me tell them that the national media ( and yes, the media is the message), is not the slightest bit interested in these worthy aspects. It is interested in reproducing shots of violence from the failed Scargill strike - and associating a possible future Labour Prime Minister with condoning violence and rock throwing. Geddit?

So Milly is abotu to embrace another silly disaster.
It is all right for him - he can retreat into his intellectual and moneyed eyrie... But the people of thsi country need a Laboru Government to stand up for them and their families.Ed has abrogated his responsibilities and should now consider his position.

Anonymous said...

Silly Milly has announced forthcoming nuptials - Register Office in Nottingham -- and has said that there will be no Best Man.

What a sad and pathetic attempt to head off the 'Who will it be?' frenzy beginning to build in the media!

Anonymous said...

UnWed Ed now becomes WedEd NoMates. Stil, let's look on the bright side.....will we get a public holiday like with Kate and William?

Anonymous said...

No - probably a one way ticket to Butlins. Or - perish the thought - PONTINS!!