Wednesday, 30 March 2011

hahaha april fish

"poisson d'avril" as the French call April Fool's Day, or rather as they call jokes etc played on that day.  A typically hilarious thing to do is to cut a fish shape out of paper and stick it on the back of some unwitting person's jacket.  I mention it today because I have the dubious privilege of assisting in the production of my workplace's in-house newsletter, and this week there is to be an "alternative version" to appear on Friday morning.  Imagine how we have been roaring in the editorial office.  My workplace has employees from 47 countries.  I can SO promise you that there is not much that nationals of 47 different countries all find funny, though I suspect there is more than there used to be in these days of the cyberweb thingy.  And it seems that only the Brits think 1st April is about spoofs rather than funnies.  I made the mistake of trying to explain the spaghetti harvest in several languages (not including Italian).  It didn't work.  This picture though made everyone laugh, Matt in the Telegraph.

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Bloater said...

Happy April Fish.