Monday, 28 February 2011

here we go...

(picture removed at Craske's request)

some people have been messaging me on facebook, and one who claims to be Heidi Craske and who looks like this has sent me this:


It appears you are publicly putting my name on your ‘blog’ site yep, got it from the Reading Evening Post and implying that I’m of a racist nature who me? never said anything of the sort, and if I did I would use correct grammar. This is totally untrue so now you have a platform here to deny what was implied in the Post and the Daily Mail, congratulations, those organs would not give you that much and unfair life is not fair I think you will find. Since the article hit the Daily Mail on Monday my whole life has been turned upside down diddums. The false allegations that are being made will have a serious effect on my children, myself, and my career when I qualify as a barrister maybe you should have thought of that before going to the press. There are also many things in your blog which are incorrect tell me what they are and I will correct them if necessary, and it amazes me in this day and age, why people are allowed to publicly libel people without checking all the facts on the contrary, libel laws exist in the UK (where I do not live). I have already commenced legal proceedings against the different media forms, who have published my name in relation to these comments am I going to get a letter from m'learned friends then?  Please, I'm feeling left out here.
I ask you to please think about the consequences your blogs are having on myself and my family why?  I don't give a stuff about you or your family, any more than you do about me and mine, and remove them as soon as possible no. Imagine how you would feel if something which was so totally wrong about you made it to the national press for everyone to see. I know exactly what that is like, it has happened to me on numerous occasions
Kind Regards and to you too, have a nice day


Anonymous said...

Ooooo! Handbags at dawn girls!

Anonymous said...

Treble diddums.

If Ms Craske is of such a sensitive nature then maybe she should consider a career other than one as a barrister. This is a public role and will no doubt involve exposure to the - often - unfair - media.

It isn't all about Rumpole, love. And if you don't genuinely want to run the risk of your name paraded in the papers with a whole load of wrongful cack surrounding it - then for heavens sake, be an estate agent.

Jane Griffiths said...

I'm having too much fun to stop now!

Anonymous said...

You still seem to link to the photo............. Which makes your "removal" nugatory

Jane Griffiths said...

"nugatory" - yep, that's probably about right, excellent choice of word. Still waiting for Ms Craske to inform me of what is "incorrect" on this blog *sound of tumbleweed*

Anonymous said...

What a sad women you are, you need to get a "life". Posting comments about things you obviously know nothing about must make you feel so good about yourself."Diddums" how grown up of you. Do your readers tend to be of school age? Is that why your vocabulary is aimed so low? It is nice to know you don't care about the effect this is having on Ms Craske or her family........I am sure YOUR family must be so proud of you.

Jane Griffiths said...

Anon 1817 if you don't like what you read here then, er, don't read it

Anonymous said...

Ah Jane! Gee thanks! So kind!

Anon 15:59

Anonymous said...

Oh poor old Heidi Craske (not).
Oh her poor old family.

What about Mrs Singh?

And her family, if she has one?

And being called 'That Indian woman' by someone who clearly exists whether or not they are Heidi Craske.

Anyone called Heidi with her lovely family and charming friends will just be jolly well ok in the end -- and this whole irritating little episode will be just that -- no doubt trotted out at charming dinner parties or 'on the school run' - or even when having a relaxing evening with friends, all eating dinner off trays.
But what aboot Mrs Singh?

And her lovely family if she has one? And her way of paying her bills without a job? Or even to afford a tray upon which to eat her dinner?
( I meniton trays, because, to The Daily Mail, the height of 'fun' and 'informality' -- often wheeled out about the royals,is the info - always in The Mail and nowhere else, that they watch tv, eating dinner from trays. One of Paul Dacfre's little foibles, no doubt.

It is a hard world for some and a bit of a nicer one for others. You do the math.

Anonymous said...

you are saying poor ole Mrs Singh, has it ever crossed your mind, that she may be the one in the wrong here, saying these things so she may get the sympathy that she may not deserve and that Ms Craske is being used as a scapegoat, 2 sides to every story and all that, know the facts about this whole sorry business first and think about the children who this has had the effect on

Anonymous said...

What children? The school children or those of Mrs Craske?

If you have information, you should provide it. Those of us who do not are not mind-readers.

Nowtas said...

"know the facts about this whole sorry business first"

A similar argument is being used under an otehrwise unrelated story on the Get Reading website at thsi time. When the facts are not been told, people cannot know them. Why is that so hard to understand?

Anonymous said...

Yes. There is a rather good phrase from Women in Love by D H Lawrence, spoken by Gudrun.

'Truth is best'.

It always is. Which is why some people prefer not to tell it.

Anonymous said...

An update from the Daily Mail:

Heidi Craske

Last updated at 10:25 AM on 5th May 2011

An article of 21 February reported Tribunal papers which claimed that parent, Heidi Craske, had made a racist remark about head teacher Mrs Singh for which she had apologised. Ms Craske denies having made either the remark or apology and has drawn our attention to two independent investigations which found that no such comment was made. We apologise for the distress and embarrassment caused to Ms Craske.

Read more: