Tuesday, 22 March 2011

long arm of the law in redlands

this time we see two identical posts, from Jan Gavin and Tony Jones respectively, informing us that the Director of Public Prosecutions has been asked to determine whether an offence appears to have been committed in the publication and distribution of a LibDem Focus leaflet which allegedly made a false statement about Ms Gavin, who is expected to be Labour's candidate in Redlands ward in Reading in this year's local elections.  I haven't seen the leaflet (anyone?) but allegedly it has to do with council tax funding of full-time trade union officials in Reading Borough Council.  It was still being delivered last Sunday, they tell us.  Anyway, Reading Labour ought to be careful.  Their erstwhile supremo and still Redlands resident Stuart Singleton-White is known to be relaxed about criminal activity at election time, as Thames Valley Police found.  That particular episode, in 2004-5, resulted in a clean sweep; all three Labour councillors in Redlands lost their seats following the electoral fraud and Labour's complacency about it.  So, motes and beams, matey boys.


Augustus Carp said...

Various comments made in response to your correspondent Darren Canning a couple of days ago make some interesting points about what might best be described as bullying by political activists. I am sure that it goes on in all parties, so this is not intended as a party political observation, but can someone tell me who it is who will gain from this particular action? Yes, yes, I know, Fiat justicia ruat coelum" and all that, but really!

Why would anyone want to stand for local government if a possible result is a lawsuit? And this, for a leaflet in a suburb of a town in England which seems pretty low down the list of places with serious problems. They say that academic politics is very rough, "because the rewards are so low". Well, local government has clearly gone the same way.

A couple of years ago my wife expressed an interest in standing for the council. She has some technical knowledge on planning and education matters which would, I am sure, be of value to the town: but why should she be made to run the risk of the hassle, the hatred and the artificial contempt which would of necessity have to be stoked up by her opponents? As I say, this would be true for all parties, not just Labour. So I have persuaded her not to put her name forward, and the Civic Society and other organisations will have the benefit of her talents instead.

Anonymous said...

Didn't SIngleton White attempt to have you questioned and/or arrested by the police because you pointed out his role in all of this?

How times change. I seem to recall that you and Sig Other were guests at his wedding and ( Sig Other) Stag celebrations.

Jane Griffiths said...

Indeed so, anon 1800

Anonymous said...

Google "gareth epps pat baxter" and look at the cached sites. All taken down now.

Was said...

All Jan Gavin has to say is that when she said in her blog that she was happy to pay her council tax to fund union officials who pay money to fund Reading Labour Party she was not telling the truth she may have had a case. She didn't. Labour have never said they would stop the payments. She said she is happy to continue them. Fair comment.

Then again she has posted quite few lies on her blog and leaflets.

Oh, and I have nothing to do with the Lib Dems when I say that.