Wednesday, 16 March 2011

on the knockers

Sarko mob sorry

barmy creatures

Sarko mob again, they really do get everywhere

ah, these are the Left Greens.  Or something.

Parti Socialiste.  At least you know where you are with these.

Left Front and Communist Party.  Nuff said.
election time is here tralala, Sunday is the first round of voting, and undoubtedly the following Sunday for the second round.  It is the cantonales, elections of half of the councillors for the Conseil Regional - not all of Strasbourg has elections, but where I live we do.  Most of the Strasbourg divisions have become marginals in recent years, and the Front National historically poll well in Alsace (though have not elected anyone in the city of Strasbourg yet I am glad to say) hence Marine Le Pen's visit last week and fairly feverish activity by all.  We have so far been canvassed by the UMP (Sarko's people) and the Greens, not in either time.  For what it's worth I shall be voting (if they let me - not totally clear about the rules) Parti Socialiste, even though I cannot pronounce his name, which is Gsell.  The pictures show the flyer and the UMP "sorry" as we used to call lit in my political activist days, left when we were not in to answer their candidate or canvasser's call, and posters for other parties.

Dontcha just love French politics.  No strikes for ages now.  School holidays,


Anonymous said...

Now. Jane.
You are in the PS.

Do you envisage standing as a candidate yourself for anything?

I have just been tidying up LP candidate profiels and our team sound like a bunch of retired greyhounds!

Jane Griffiths said...

nope. Not very active in the party. Considered a Blairite ( true) and English ( also true). Do a bit of translation for our MPs when needed and help occasionally. Have done nothing for these elections.