Tuesday, 18 January 2011

who let the dogs out?

still on Joanna Yeates - remember that her landlord, one Christopher Jefferies, was held and questioned for quite a long time, then released without charge?  I saw footage of him on TV and thought, as I am sure many did "He looks a bit strange."  Probably this is what the police thought too.  But being eccentric does not make you a murderer.  As the police have presumably had to accept.  I have been contacted by someone who used to know Mr Jefferies quite well and who has been a guest at his house, which is next to the premises in which Joanna Yeates was killed or from which she was abducted and killed elsewhere, we do not yet know which.  This person also describes Mr Jefferies as eccentric.  This person also knows a number of those people who have made comments to the media about Mr Jefferies, namely Stuart Andrews, Tony-Lewis Jones, Tom Gover, Irving Steggles, Douglas Henderson, Richard Bland, Dudley Fromant

more than one of whom referred to Mr Jefferies as "Chris", a name by which I am told he has never been known, always "Christopher" or "CJEJ".  What nonsense they do talk.  And Mr Jefferies, who has not been charged with any offence and is most unlikely ever to be, has had his life and reputation ruined.  And the person who actually did kill Joanna Yeates is walking around, quite probably pretending to grieve for her.

I hope they are happy now.

I am so disappointed that so many people see something on TV and just believe it.  Even if it is a member of the public looking for a moment in the media spotlight, and knowing that they can make up any old rubbish.  Members of my own family do this.  Believe the media I mean.



dreamingspire said...

Parts of Clifton are strange. Traditionally people who live their keep their own counsel, live their own lives. Not my scene at all, although a branch of my family live just across the river and one of them worked in Clifton for years. But Clifton people make great TV antiques programmes. And they have a lot of links with France (particularly with the wine growing areas).

Anonymous said...

I think Private Eye summed it up best - they reproduced the photo, with the caption "Weird Bloke Might Be Innocent Shock!"

Re: the naming of "Chris", I recall that the Bulger family were a bit upset when their son was referred to by the press as "Jamie", whereas the family always called him James.

Anonymous said...

An d Madeleine Mcann 'Maddie' etc.

Jane Griffiths said...

Yes. It seems almost that the victim's name is changed (was Joanna Yeates usually called "Jo"? No idea) deliberately by the media, as an exercise of power. Sometimes I am quite glad I am called Jane. There is not a lot you can do with that name.

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed that "Jo's" job description keeps on changing? She started off as an Architect - which is no small achievement for one so young. Then it turned out that she was a "Landscape Architect", i.e. not an Architect at all.

Anonymous said...

Yes - and her degree - or not degree status - is capable of infinite alteration also.

Lord Combover said...


You only have to look at Mr Jeffries to see that he could not blow the froff off your coffee.

I am yet to come across a situation that the police could not make worse.

dreamingspire said...

From the media reports (including interviews): Mr Jeffries taught at Clifton College. He was Head of Dept. They appointed a new Head of Dept. Mr Jeffries, a man who today still seems to have all his faculties, retired early. Seems strange, but not anywhere near strange enough to justify the police arresting him - a bit like the plot for a TV mystery.

Anonymous said...

Brian Worthington was the - rather distinguished - Head of English at Clifton in the 70s and early 80s.

Stewart Andrews was the Headmaster at that time.Other departmental members included Gordon and Anny Jones, Alan Brown, Tom Gover, Dudley Fromant, Douglas Henderson and Michael Talibard.

Christopher was what would be called in the state sector 'Second in the English Department' - although this was not an 'official' position.
Both Christopher and Brian taught Simon Russell Beale amongst others - I saw SRB's first Shakespeare lead - as King Lear in a Clifton production, directed by Brian and in the theatre run by CJEJ.
Brian stood down to concentrate on other things - Christopher eventually took over - a new Head was appointed, wanted a new Head of English - as they often do, rather at random in the public school set up. Doesn't work like the state sector - no real job criteria. Does your face fit? Maybe not with the new man in charge.It usually is a man.
So CJEJ decided to step down - aged about 55. Not rare. Lots of them do that at around that age. They then often do sabbaticals at Oxford or Cambridge/write etc.
I see that the Avon cops have now arrested a 32 year old man on suspicion of murder. No reference to Christopher or the allegations against him.
I suspect that any legal action he takes against the police will suffer from a 'lack of journalistic interest' as well.

Anonymous said...

Interesting post on the media treatment of Christopher Jefferies:


Anonymous said...

Now that a man has been charged, I hope that the police will come forward and offer a public apology to Christopher Jefferies plus considerable financial compensation.
But I doubt it.

Tricky said...

he got about half a million i gather from the media