Thursday, 20 January 2011

springtime for Bashir

women in south Sudan waiting to vote in the referendum
title of this post stolen from Mick Hartley via Norm, thanks to both.  I do rely on others to point out to me when items which may be of interest are published in the Guardian, as I do not consume that organ.

Both refer to a disgusting piece in the Guardian by someone called Simon Tisdall, who describes the situation in Darfur as "much-misunderstood" - wtf?  what about attempted genocide is hard to understand?  South Sudan has voted to secede from the north, and there will be elections.  Good.  I do not anticipate sharia law being introduced in the south any time soon.  Also good.  But (weary sigh) here is the Filth apologising for the regime in the north - it looks good next to the uprising and overthrow of president in Tunisia, with copycat demos in Egypt, they say.  Should not be called a bad boy.  Oh no.  Oh yes.  By contrast the Parti Socialiste Europeen, to whose branch in Strasbourg I have the honour to belong, has just put out a statement saying the party is walking with the people of Tunisia on the path to democracy, and calls upon the French Socialist Group in the European Parliament, whose session across the river from where I sit is just coming to a close, to speak out for democracy, human rights and the rule of law in Tunisia.  How I loathe the Guardian. 

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Sauti Ndogo said...

Oh boy, Simon Tisdall is an idiot, isn't he? I've managed to escape his moronic anti-West diatribes until now, and have just spoilt the start to my evening by reading his ignorant outpourings.

Let our thoughts be with the people of Sudan, north and south.

And with the prosecutors at the International Criminal Court.