Saturday, 15 January 2011


Have been, as they say, glued to TV this past two days as events in that country unfold, and as today there is widespread looting and destruction, taking advantage of the apparent power vacuum.  I do not know Tunisia, having spent a short holiday in Hammamet in 1998 does not I think count.  Sig other was ill for most of that time, and I was around the resort hotel for several days, and was interested to see that quite a number of middle-aged, well-preserved women holidaying there, either alone or in pairs, mostly German or Swiss it appeared, regularly bought the sexual services of the Tunisian waiters.  They were not particularly secretive about it either.  Anyway.  The Tunisian opposition (which has never been any kind of an official opposition) is in "exile" in the UK, or some of it is, the Islamist bit.  Rachid Ghannoushi in particular has lived in asylum in the UK (France didn't want him, although he is francophone and did his Master's at the Sorbonne) since the 1990s.  He cites his influences as Sayyid Qutb,  Hassan El-Banna and the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt, and an approving profile of him was published in 1998 by Azzam "Kaboom" Tamimi.  So I think we know where he is coming from.  Will he now return to his native land?  I think we should be told.


Anonymous said...

Lets hope Tunisia can develop into some sort of democracy.

The current ruling elite has basically run things as a one
party state since independence
and the previous President had
to be forced from office on
grounds of senility!

Could the EU or the UN play some
sort of role here?

Anonymous said...

I visited Tunisia for the first time on holiday in 2007.Didn't knoa what to expect and it was wonderful.
I probably feel the same about Tunisia as you do about Cyprus. Give it another go.
Visit Port El Kantouai and go to Carthage.

Am extremely sorry about what is happening now - but, then, of course, no-one can visit Cyprus and not be saddened when they visit Nicosia or Famagusta.
Also some excellent cats in Tunisia, by the by.

Anonymous said...

A writer on Ceefax letter pages has asked why African airlines didn't hurredly evacuate all the tourists from England during the recent student riots in London !