Tuesday, 25 January 2011

a voice for Reading West

apparently it is from here that Reading West is represented, according to its author.  I am sure she will work well with the future elected mayor.


Anonymous said...

Of course, it could be that she just doesn't express herself as precisely and eptly as wot a professhunal linguist and journalist does?

Do you have any views on the Save our Forests campaign?

Jane Griffiths said...

(1) I was just interested that she has taken it upon herself to speak for the people of Reading West, and wondered why

(2) not really

Mr London Street said...

What nonsense. Her blog profile clearly states she is expressing her personal views and nobody else's.

I don't give a toss about the political issues covered in this post (be they about forests, Reading West or the state of the Labour Party in Reading), but I do wish you'd do some proper writing of the sort you are easily capable of.

Feel free to delete this comment if you think it's out of turn or unwarranted but I hope you know by now that it's well intentioned.

Jane Griffiths said...

precisely, Mr LS. It's all about her. That being so, and given that she has very little experience in politics, who does she think she is claiming to speak for the Reading West constituency? Whatever she knows about politics, she doesn't understand the notion of democratic legitimacy

Mr London Street said...

I imagine everyone who writes to their MP does this to some extent or another. She is at least elected by somebody. But really, I'd go back to my earlier point: who cares? Why do you care so much? I just can't believe that you don't have better things to devote your energy and intelligence to than this.

Jane Griffiths said...

I do have other things to do, and I spend the vast majority of my time doing them. Too many people on here seem to have the idea that this blog takes up a lot of my time and energy. it doesn't. I don't care anything about Rachel Eden and her self-importance. I do care a bit about Reading, because I lived there for 21 years, represented part of it in Parliament for eight and my children grew up there. I care a LOT about democratic legitimacy and I have my own reasons for beinng interested in the identity of the next Labour candidate for Reading West. So that's why. I would already have forgotten about this post if some grumpy bloke didn't keep on.

Anonymous said...

Read the Rachel Eden post more carefully and it will be quite clear that she is asking the Reading West MP, as representing HIS constituents, to vote against. But the phrasing is potentially ambiguous and schoolmarm Griffiths has chosen to misinterpret.

Jane Griffiths said...

that interpretation is just a little naive, I fancy. She can use that communication, worded as it is, to speak, apparently, for the people of Reading West, in her bid for candidacy in due course - hein?

Anonymous said...

Yes Jane - this is SO obvious. She wants to be the next Labour MP. Then why the hell doesn't the woman say so?!!!

She has been told do do this by some idiot at national Party HQ - OF COURSE!!!!

Sauti Ndogo said...

Jane, it's your blog so you can write as you feel. No problem with that.

But on the specific points raised in these comments, I think you've got it wrong.

Reading West is mentioned in Rachel Eden's letter because she's writing to Reading West's MP.

I agree that it's pompous to publish a letter one has written to one's MP. I agree that the matter of national forests is not in the remit of a Reading councillor (though I think that making this an issue of "democratic legitimacy" is a tad precious). I agree that the letter is a publicity stunt. I'm happy to take your word that Eden has very little experience in politics. But, as Mr London Street says, who cares?

Rachel Eden may be self-important. She may be seeking to be a parliamentary candidate. But ambition is no crime and self-importance is commonplace. If you think she is unsuitable to be a candidate because of her opinions, background, associations or behaviour, say so.

Sorry to be harsh. I enjoy your blog but think you had an off-day with this posting.

Jane Griffiths said...

No I do not think she is unsuitable to be a candidate - but I do see what the agenda is in Reading Labour, and I see that Rachel Eden is being presented as the safe candidate, and that their tame boy Malcolm Powers who is Regional Director South-East has nothing to say or do about the candidate selection - so draw your own conclusions

Anonymous said...

I am sorry, but some posters are being naive - not their fault - they are not politicians. I am.

Jane is spot on. Safe pair of hands indeed. Being eased in nice and easy. Don't think for a moment that Eden came up with this on her little oney oh!

Oh no. She is doing as told, like a good girl.Like Anneliese or whatever the last one was called.Same fate in the end, I expect. Roll'em out. Jane isn't 'having an off day' Just telling it as it is. Truth hurts.

Anonymous said...

What connections does she have with the great and good in the Shadow Cabinet?
Whose researcher has she been?

Pull the other one - Rache - 'real person' - not.

Etc Etc.

Ad nauseum est.