Tuesday, 11 January 2011

poisonous rhetoric

much has been said in recent days about the violent language and gun-related imagery used by many on the American right, and much of what has been said has been linked in some way to the Arizona murders.  Well, possibly.  Though unlikely.  Twisted white-boy loners don't usually read political websites, more likely nutty conspiracy ones, and anyone who would read those for more than two seconds has got plenty of problems before you even begin.  Gun-sight imagery is irresponsible when used by a politician, but that is another matter.  There are plenty of hate-filled websites and other media, many of which directly incite violence and murder, and not many of them are promoted by mainstream politicians.  Anyway, the prevailing discourse seems to be that the cyber-right in the US has a share of responsibility for the murders.  I beg to differ.  Or if I do not, then I must also agree that suicide bombings and other terrorist attacks committed in the name of jihad may also have been incited by the many hate preachers who glory in slaughter, rather than by Bush'n'Blair.  Hein?


Jonathan said...

Speaking of which, the Guardian, which I understand is not your favourite rag, has in the past advocated similar violence against the Tories.


Jonny said...

Sarah Palin's website is both political and the sort of site loved by right wing, deranged conspiracy nuts. I try to treat it as comedy.

Anonymous said...

ACtually,have you read her autobiography? Leaving lots of things aside, she was treated very badly by the Republican party. Some familiar misgynistic tunes played there.

Nowtas said...

Maybe the frustration is less with her idiotic and ill-advised iconography and statements in the recent past than with her fluffed attempts to cover up such matters after they have already been picked up on. She's made herself reminiscent of Gillian McKeith, for crying out loud.

I cannot wait to see what Palin does next - I think it's about time for an ill-thought photo opportunity.

There are a lot of dangerous nutters on political blogs Jane. And some cute ones. But "twisted white-boy loners" seem more likely to run such sites than comment on them.