Saturday, 8 January 2011

let's hear from this man

a deranged individual calling himself "Manzoor" has decided to comment on my blog.  I have not published it as a comment, but reproduce his words here, in full, with my usual fisking.  Enjoy, and ponder on the nature of the corrupt little clique at the heart of Reading Labour while you do.

Jane, You and you're Reading Labour orthography Councilor lover true, I have had lovers who were councillors at the time - and your point is? at the time both famous drunk stragglers around town oooh!. I mean you and you're see above husband Andrew Tatters this is not his name, do check your facts supported us for the grant of a development worker indeed I did, for development work, not Koran classes and medieval theology with council funds, since you agreed that as tax payers the Muslim community was entitled to the regeneration money for the Oxford Road SRB agreed no such thing, the community in general was entitled to benefit from regeneration work, I have never supported allocation of public funds to religious groups. In fact you and you're see above lover Andrew also supported the Mosque project in Oxford Road supporting a project is not the same thing as corrupt land acquisition, as perhaps you will find out one day, since most of the Muslims in Oxford Road came under your and his ward. For me, I personally never needed anyone's money jolly good, you have a private income, excellent stuff and have been donating money and time for various community activities across the board for Muslim and Non-Mulsim causes. Your other untruths, I don't remember reading any campaign leaflets by Labour calling for the destruction of the State of Isreal in urdu the one that did was in English, and signed by David Sutton, Martin Salter and Tony Page. I understand that you are a supporter of this racist state of Isreal It's not for me to support or not support any state.  The democratically elected government of Israel does not need my support.  For the record I do support a two-state solution in Israel-Palestine. It wouldn't surprise me if join a racist party? Do you mean me?  The two racist parties I am aware of in the UK are the BNP and the LibDems, I would not be minded to join either.  Here in France we have the Front National.  The same applies.  Since you seem so disaffected with your previous paymasters and party. Paymasters?  I have never had "paymasters", I have always earned a salary.  As workers do.  And I am not disaffected with the Labour Party, or with the Parti Socialiste in France, of which I am a member, where did you get that idea?  Condemning corruption is a good thing, would you not agree?  My main differences with you were for supporting the wars you were never my constituent, so your views on anything are a matter of indifference to me, but you were none the less at liberty to express them to me.  Which you never did.  , which most people now agree that in particular Iraq war may have been illegal "most people" agree nothing of the sort.  There have been three independent inquiries re Iraq and all of them have concluded that there was no illegality. You my dear the impertinence agreed to the slaughter of thousands of innocent people, including our young men who went to fight I voted as I believed was right, unlike my Reading West colleague at the time, who said he had voted against when in fact he had abstained. I hope you are not proud of that? I certainly am.  I have never taken heroin or been convicted for it Please take this up with Mr Salter, who loudly informed anyone who would listen that you had been a heroin addict.. You are not only just sour grapes but a liar as well Jane! substantiate please, legal action may well ensue.  It is good thing that the Labour group got rid of you oh it was the Labour Group was it?  Not something they have ever admitted.  Thanks for making this public at last., when they did! Manzoor

Whether or not the above was in fact written by Manzoor Hussain I do not know.  what i do know is that Mr Hussain is on public record as supporting the Taleban and Hizb ut-Tahrir, and that he does not believe girls should be allowed to go to school in Afghanistan.  He has said the last in my hearing.

Keep it coming peeps, this stuff brightens my day.


Anonymous said...

Well, it doesn't brighten mine - it sickens me.
It sickens me that this man is using such a cheap form of denigration ( references to 'lovers', 'drinking' and the casually insulting 'my dear')in place of argument.

At the moment, in the UK, the top 'story' is the attitude of Asian men to white women - following the sentencing of a gang notorious for preying upon vulnerable white women/raping them/using them as sexual pieces of meat for them and their friends/drugging them and beating them. Jack Straw has stated that there is a culture that we don't like to talk about for fear of being accused of racism, of some Asian males disrespecting white women and subjecting them to abuses that they would never inflict upon Pakistani girls and women.

This person who has posted is not threatening to beat up Jane or to rape her - obviously. But the terms of reference are indicative of the degrading and damaging lack of respect that was at the crux of the recent prosecutions.

I am disgusted. These things need to be brought into the open. I am sure that this person would never dream of addressing Martin Salter or any other male in this fashion. Would he refer to Salter's supposed drug taking? Would he call him 'My dear'? Would he refer to Salter's sexual past? Or drinking habits? I think not. And why not?

Anonymous said...

It probably was written by the man himself. Interesting to know that you mock those with English as an Additional Language. Or should all and sundry keep out of the blogosphere until they have perfect written English?

Also interesting to see that you prefer to take the alleged word of your sworn hate-figure, rather than accept the man's own denial of past heroin use. Didn't he deny it last time you made this allegation on your blog? Do you now accept everything you say was said by Martin Salter as true?

"Paymasters". Who paid your election expenses? Council and Parliamentary? On what understanding?

Jane Griffiths said...

anon 1256 yes you are right, the syndrome you describe is difficult sometimes even to talk about. I prefer people to be condemned out of their own mouths, as Mr Hussain has been by the language he uses, rather than insulted by others. His language does not shock or upset me, as I spent years being subjected to it in Reading Labour Party, but I can see that it would be sickening to someone who is not used to it. His references to my husband are typical of the casual and barefaced misogyny of the Reading Labour clique, as is the defence of him I have also published.

Jane Griffiths said...

anon 1307, what mockery? I mock only Mr Hussain's presumably unintentional use of Reading Labour orthography. The numerous other errors I ignored, far from engaging in mockery. And it seems fair to publish Mr Hussain's denial that he was a heroin addict, do you disagree? Thanks for reading so assiduously. Your remarks about Mr Salter are just silly. And as for "paymasters", I would very much welcome an elaboration of what appears to be a rhetorical question on your part. Now we're getting somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Jane was paid a salary for a professional position. Nurses/teachers/journalists/street-sweepers are also paid a salary for work.The job of an MP is not a voluntary position. It is remunerated.

She isn't mocking those who use English as an additional language.

I notice that you have not referred to eth gratuitous insults offered to Jane by this person - use of 'My dear', reference to lovers, drinking, and yes, paymasters. The use of 'paymasters' is generally applied to a person or people whose decisions are made at the behest of those who are financing them. It woudl be appropriate if you wre accusing an MP of votinjg in a particular way because they were being offered financial support for taking a particular line.

Jane has never done this.

If you think she has, then write it down with your full details and she then has the option of taking legal action.

Anonymous said...

Jane's election expenses were paid by Reading Labour Party. She was elected mainly by the votes of people who thought they were voting for a Labour Party member who would seek to support and implement Labour Party policy. Jane accepted the Labour Whip both in the Council and in Parliament.

Councillor and MP are both remunerated positions. But the process of reaching those positions differs from Nurses/ teachers/ journalists/ street-sweepers.

Anonymous said...

Look - I am sorry - but councillors and MPs are not the same thing -- AT ALL.

The vast majority of 'councillors'do this in their spare time - and as an adjunct to their full time professional post.

The average councillor gets about £6,000 per annum, as basic 'pay'. If you are a council Leader, you will get quite a lot more - some people can afford to do this full time and without another day job - but not many people!! The 'pay' even for this isn't that good.
An MP is a professional JOB -- not the same thing at all. It is remunerated as a job - not as a task that most people can fit into their non-working spare time and leisure time. Sorry - but that is the distinction. The route to becoming an MP is not at all the same as the route to becoming a councillor. In lots of cases, people can be councillors who have been put down as 'paper' candidates. This is not the same at all for the post of MP. It is disgusting that people do not know this. Or pretend not to know this for their own selfish purposes.

Jane Griffiths said...

Well, quite. I was a councillor for 10 years, and for all of that time I had a full-time job elsewhere. The allowances in those days were less generous than they are now, but even now you cannot live on them unless you have another source of income, if you are a backbench member. I had at the time a mortgage to pay and a family to support. So I do not quite see what this commenter is getting at.

Anonymous said...

LibDems racist? No doubt your right but I am intrigued, do tell.

Jonathan said...

The spelling seems more Howarth than Manzoor, especially the inability to use the words "your" and "you're" in the correct places.

Jane Griffiths said...

There have been other comments, abusive and filthy, which I am not publishing as this is a family blog. The person or people who wrote them late last night may wish to seek professional help. Or reconsider their substance intake regime. This thread will be closed unless any further comments are rational.

Anonymous said...

A great shame that issues of race, misogony, democratic institutions, the various roles and responsibilities of MPs and councillors cannot be discussed and debated without filth, abuse and possible infringement of libel laws.
Addiitonally, it is possible and, indeed, desirable, to read and respond to items in blogs without the prior or attendant consumption of alcohol and legal or illegal drugs.
And I hardly feel that the banned contributions will have the stamp of a Coleridge or Thomas de Quincey in tersm of literary or artistic value. (Opium eaters, to the ignorant) .

Q said...

No doubt I’ll make orthographiev mistakes too but hey!! It seems that Jane is still a little bitter after all these years and attracting racists to her cause by pandering to the lowest denominator (desperate act of someone who doesn’t matter anyone). Shows little kaikyuu :-)

Jane Griffiths said...

"orthographiev" is clearly a deliberate mistake, and as such will be ignored. "attracting racists to her cause" - Manzoor Hussain is a known racist, but "attracted to my cause" - given that the latter is democracy, human rights and the rule of the law, I fancy not.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that Jane is 'bitter' about anything, actually.

Calling someone 'bitter' is a very easy and cheap way of avoiding engagement with what they are saying.

She has pointed out the loathsome attitude of this Manzoor and others have agreed with her.
From time to time ( but the emphasis is on 'time to time' - when not giving a book review, for example...), she will take issue with something appertaining to Labour either in Reading, nationally or in the media with reference to relvant personnel as appropriate. And your particular problem with this is ?

No - I thought so - far easier to dismiss rational argument with a word such as 'bitter'.

Q said...

Orthography in English comes from orthographie - French, 13c. Thought that you might have know that, not a mistake :-)

Q said...

When you slag off people in the local party as Jane has you can’t then proxy civility for her – glass houses and all that.

What annoys me is that people are having a go at Muslims under camouflage of custom or religion but their underlying intentions are in the main racists (if this doesn’t apply to her then it does to some of those who follow her blog – surely she isn’t that naïve as not to recognise that).

Jane Griffiths said...

it's not a question of civility. and I haven't "slagged off" anyone. It was not even me who described Manzoor Hussain's attitudes as "loathsome", although I agree with that description of them. I don't need protection from rudeness, but I do agree it would be better if elementary good manners could be observed.

Anonymous said...

As someobody who follows this blog on a regular basis, I must say that I have not seen many postings of either an overt or covert racist nature. This may be, of course, because as it is a family blog, Jane has chosen not to give an airing to the more offensive contributions.

As for civility - I haven't noticed that Jane has 'slagged' anybody off. She has certainly pointed to anomalies in the behaviour of a whole range of individuals - from th Reading Labour Group to Barack Obama at latest count, skating through observations on Keith Richards, Chris Mullin, Tony Blair et al.
And Mandelson and Brown , plus The Slap.

Such behaviour is generally known as contributiong to debate. If every time we chose to offer a contrary opinion to received wisdom we were slated as people who 'slag' others off, we would live in a nice, hermetically sealed, Orwellian 1984 Big Brother world. Or a padded cell.

Debate and disagreement is a world away from the realms of 'lovers', drunken behaviour' and 'my dear' as posted by the original respondent.
I don't think it is racist to object to that. It is taking offence at offensive behaviour and - hey - this is a free country? No?

Or do we have ways of telling you what to think?!!!!

Jane Griffiths said...

yes I can confirm that I very rarely get a racist comment on this blog. Porn aplenty, some of it violent and gun-related, and cheap apparently substance-fuelled abuse quite often. I do try to provide a flavour of what is coming in, but given the content of what comes in when I point out some of the darker aspects of Reading Labour Party, I do not always feel able to do so.

Q said...

You are as they say feeding the debate…. Below is an example of Jane’s disparaging remarks – which I refer to.

Jane Griffiths said...
I don't know all the members of the current Labour Group - certainly Lovelock is a corrupt bully and a liar, Ennis is a whore, Tickner is a racist and a closet Tory, Hartley is a parasite, well, you get the picture.

5 January 2011 21:58

So where are Jane’s “elementary good manners” she notes other lack - 10th Jan 2011.

Those comments above are appalling

Anonymous said...

Gun related?
Not just confiend to Arizona then?

Jane Griffiths said...

anon 1743 : all factual statements made in response to a request for comments, all backed up with evidence, as I am sure you are aware.

Anon 1746: what? Do you have evidence related to the Arizona murders? Have you approached the police there? Or what is this about?

Anonymous said...

Dear Jane, its time you stopped being a fugitive and came back to Reading, if you really wanted to be relevant?

Living in refuge in France and then spitting fire will not give you any bonus points.

As far as i am concerned i still make a valuable contribution to the community of Reading and like living in this wonderful town.

Let me reiterate i have never been against education for girls. My daughter other female members of family are teachers. In fact Bridge Hall serviced education of girls mostly. Most of whom were taught mother tongue and english language skills. The so called Koran classes were sponsored by their families, for which we did not need any funds.

The Abu Bakr Masjid land was paid for above the value of the land at the time.

The groups you mentioned that i am associated with I have nothing in common with those groups.

I was anti-war and still am; in fact as i said, then that the war in Afghanistan would undermine the security of Pakistan, which it has.

Now you have told some untruths about me, which is most obvious to everyone who know me. You would be kind to your self if you accept that you have. People may take you seriously other then a fugitive!

Yours kindly

Isn't it better to accept that you made either assumptions or a mistake about me.

Anonymous said...

What absolute comedy!!

Jane does not want 'bonus' points from people in Reading - neither does she feel like a fugitive.
Fugitive from what? A rather sad and dreary little town. No - not even 'city status'.

Jane Griffiths said...

Mr Hussain, you seem to have learned a little about good manners since your last, loathsomely misogynist and abusive post, language I got accustomed to from some members of Reading Labour Party. I welcome this. I have allowed you to post your comments here because I believe people have the right to express an opinion. You will have permission to post again if you remain polite. Am I to understand that you have changed your mind since you said in reply to me, at a publc meeting, that "no father in his right mind would let his daughter go to school in Afghanistan"? You have never said what the purpose was of your visits to Afghanistan. Perhaps you would care to tell this blog what you were doing there. And as to your use of the word "fugitive" - either you are back on the substances you say you never took, or you have been listening to someone having a joke at your expense. Back in 2007 I was offered a job in France. Which I took, and now I live and work here. End of story. How do you make your money Mr Hussain?

Anonymous said...

Nice to see that some poeple - ie, Jane - do not feel obliged to live and die in a small and obscure part of the universe - ie, Reading - simply because they happened to pitch up there at a particular time in their lives.Jane was not born in Reading - or even educated there. Why the hell should she die there?

Those readers of a literary bent will be aware of the wondrous phrase 'There is a world elsewhere'. Yes, there is indeed - and if the Reading Labour Party had a wider perspective then they would, perhaps, not be condemned to chomping on the electoral wooden spoon in that town.