Saturday, 29 January 2011

Potentially libellous?

(No longer) Independent Jones has posted that the latest LibDem leaflet contains an allegation about the Labour candidate for Redlands ward in Reading, Jan Gavin, which he declines to reproduce because, he says, it is "potentially libellous". I think this is the one he means:

waswasere I'm wondering if the Labour candidate in Redlands has ever wriiten a truthful word on her blog. Can't find any apart from "The".
1 day ago

Ms Gavin, perhaps you would care to consult m'learned friends. No win no fee deals are available still for those who prefer. No? Jan? Jan? (sound of tumbleweed) Why might that be then?

Ms Gavin, perhaps you would care to inform your waiting public

(a) what was your role in the rather surprising removal from the headship of Highdown School of the late, Labour supporting, cyclist, Alan Furley? I went to see him and he had some
interesting things to say to me, and I certainly do not remember seeing you at his funeral.

(b) what was, or is, your involvement in the supply of nefarious substances (cannabis resin
mainly) to Martin Salter MP by your husband, Tory-supporting Chris Gavin

(c) what statement would you care to make about the electoral fraud in Redlands ward,
perpetrated in 2004 and finally identified by Thames Valley Police in 2005, described as "OK"
by the then chair of Reading and District Labour Party Stuart Singleton-White and as "it
didn't happen" by then Labour councillor for Redlands Peter Kayes,sometime treasurer of Reading and District Labour Party?

I think we should be told.


Anonymous said...

Alan Furley was a popular county councillor and parliamentary candidate, who moved from the chemical industry to education.
Unfortunately, he was one of the first to call (in the mid 70s) for the reselection of MPs.

Was said...

The Lib Dem leaflet says:

Jan Gavin, Labour’s Redlands candidate, has promised to continue to give over £100,000 each year of Council money to local Labour Party donors instead of spending it on essential front line services for residents.

This is from her blog entry:

On a personal note and as a Council tax payer I am very happy to pay a few pence each year to know that my Council is a good employer, who cares about its workers and their conditions of service.  What a pity that the LibDems don’t seem to care at all about the 300 council workers now facing redundancy.

Labour and the unions are fighting tooth and nail to keep this bribe going. Jan Gavin has publicly expressed her support for it. Unless Labour make a public statement that they would not reinstate the £89,000 in salary paid to full time union officials from the council tax, I think it is a fair analysis of her stance.

My tweet about "lie" refers to her claim that 300 council staff will lose their jobs. That is not true. 150 are at risk of redundancy, the rest are unfilled posts which the council seems to have managed without for the last year. I am working hard to reduce that figure even further, which is more than their union has done.

Nowtas said...

Was this what led to the public order incident on Saturday?

Jane Griffiths said...

I think it was. Bullying and intimidation is not Tony Jones' style, he is more the smiling assassin, but something sent him over the edge the other day. It is behaviour most unlike him. Basher, Hartley,, Howarth and in certain contexts Page it would be in character.

Was said...

Nowtas, I shall say no more as the matter is with the police other than a member of the Reading Labour Party harrassed a Lib Dem focus deliverer simply going about his or her peaceful business.

A member of a "trades union" has made a complaint about me to the Standards Board. I wonder why? ;o)

Jane was quite right. John Howarth is still trousering over £10,000 from RBC via Public Impact. £3,249 of it from my budget!!!