Friday, 7 January 2011


this post by a Reading Labour councillor shows the Howarth curse is still there.  "Librarys".  The rafters ring with derisive laughter.


Anonymous said...

'through-out' etc.

Anonymous said...

Are these people illiterate?

Anonymous said...

You obviously haven't seen Rachel Eden's blog:

"Whitley Excellence Cluster - 120 signetures on the doorstep today"

"Plumbing emergancy - sorted!"


Two of those are titles of blog posts!

Anonymous said...

Well, I know for a fact a former Labour Councillor in the Education profession who can't spell either from emails received by some! He unfortunately happens to teach children I know...As for Rachel Eden, hubby is just graduated teacher so it appears, look no further for help. Or maybe not. Spellcheck might be the answer Ms Eden!

Nowtas said...

She was councillor for the ward I just moved out of. I had no idea she had started a blog, or of anything she has done since being elected. Still, as long as her neighbours ask something, she is willing to ask a question at her workplace or add a link after looking things up on the web - so she is clearly quite active, having gotten ove rthat holiday and teh giving birth and all the other totally unforeseen distractions back when she stood for election.

I suspect her father, if he chooses a political allegience before the next local elections, may well be re-elected. No idea why - but years of being rather anonymous there hasn't caused him problems in the past. He must be very proud his daughter follows his example so closely.

Anonymous said...

Tinkling cymbals.