Thursday, 27 January 2011

here it comes...

Reading is a city to watch, or something like that, says His Master's Voice (so it must be true) and should have a "London-style" elected mayor.  Told ya.  This is going to happen.  Some potential candidates are already circling.  As is the one the Labour Group want for Reading West, who was wheeled out on Tuesday evening, as one who was there (Was) tells us:

Probably the most flagrant breach of etiquette, if not the rules, was when the Chair allowed Rachel Eden to ask a second supplemental question. Except it wasn't a supplemental question. This is what the constitution says:

"To clarify a reply to a question, any Councillor may ask a supplementary question. Only one supplementary may be asked unless the Mayor allows more."
So the constitution is quite clear on this matter. A supplemental question can only to be asked to clarify the reply to a written question and the original questioner had already asked a supplemental question. That didn't stop Rachel Eden being invited to ask second "supplemental question" which clearly was not to clarify a reply. That made it unconstitutional but who cares about standing orders, it was on the Labour script.

How cosy this is going to be.  A dream fulfilled.


Martin S MP, Reading said...

It's well exciting, isn't it.

One Mayor. One Reading. No more Reading East-Reading Schmeast.

In Sydney, every suburb has an executive mayor, often directly elected. So you get the Mayor of Randwick, Mayor of Maroubra and so on.

Anonymous said...

Sorry that some really excellent contributors to this blog can't see what Eden's game is.
Shows that the cynical officials in national Party HQ are right - the constuituency proles are just that - proles - and can be duped very easily.


dreamingspire said...

Elected Mayors only if they have executive powers, please. So that we can get them out on the streets and show them what's needed, and expect them to do something about it - or else. If they don't have the powers, on the streets they would just be p*****g in the wind.