Friday, 21 January 2011

taken out of context

possibly, says one whose name I cited in this previous post on the conviction by media of Joanna Yeates' landldord Christopher Jefferies.  This is what he has to say:

Your blog has come up on my Google listing.

Can I just set the record straight about what I have said about CJEJ and his involvement in the Joanna Yeates murder case? I was doorstepped at my home by a gentleman from The Mail On Sunday at the end of December, who wanted to know about CJEJ and Clifton (He had found my name in The Old Cliftonian). At no point was I derogatory about CJEJ or Clifton, although I did say that CJEJ was a little eccentric in his methods - I also said he was an excellent teacher and an inspirational figure. The Mail On Sunday reporter was particularly interested in the films that CJEJ showed at Clifton - some of these were a little dark and experimental, but I also said that one of CJEJ's favourite films was LP Hartley's The Go-Between, a mainstream classic starring Julie Christie, Alan Bates and Edward Fox. In no way did I denigrate CJEJ or Clifton - in fact the whole tone of the interview was to praise Clifton and the education one receives there.

I do hope you may be able to let people who read your blog know that I am not anti-Clifton or CJEJ. Like many of his former students, I was shocked to hear that he had been arrested, and my reaction remains that he is not guilty.


Tony Lewis-Jones

OC (1972-1976)

The comments have been coming in thick and fast on that post, mainly about what the media can do to people.  Yes, so if we sup with them we should use a long spoon.

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Anonymous said...

Tony Lewis Jones was quoted - not in The Mail, actually, but in a downmarket tabloid, saying that Christopher Jefferies terrified little fourteen year old boys out of their minds by showing them nasty and frightening films. If Tony Lewis Jones did not say that, then he should sue the said paper. There are still no win no fee deals available, should he need them.

Sadly, I found the comments attributed to TLJ all too reminiscent of his eighteen yeat old self - and his sniggering and snickering at others with scant justification, usually in conjunction with his no - mark crony, David Harris.